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  • defiitely. to be honest I'm usually rarely on skype but since it's summer I've been going on a bit more often to talk to friends and such, you can expect a conversation soon :-]
    nope, we hadn't before, but I just accepted your request :-]
    I think I go by the name A or Anton on there, so yeah if you're wondering that's still me haha
    if you or anyone you know is harassing my friend with the cousin****er crap again, cut it out, it's retarded
    roxie guy, no? either that or some art guy, I dunno
    EDIT: Shoot, epu is roxie guy....Guy who had futa in his sig?
    EDIT: epu isn't roxie guy is he
    EDIT: Brazil?
    should I preorder Hatsune Miku 3DS in a month or two? you get cool wallet chain thing and box
    can't drink it, and now there's ****ing oil in it

    all that matters is the food really, chhuck e. pizza is pretty meh so if it beats that then yea
    pls, send water

    so it's cheaper to not buy them off the machines they have in the arcade area? Pretty sure I saw $5=15 tokens, and then at like $30 or so there were diminishing returns. So then, the game I played I got 12 tickets max per 3 tokens used, seems good right?
    doesn't matter, bought weed

    that's expensive, I got those 664 tickets in no more than 200 tokens, tokens we didn't buy, we had those laying around for the longest time. how much do you think 200 tokens costs?
    Gonna give you the try-hard version

    >Be me
    >Been "interning" at a smog check place for two weeks now
    >It's okay, guys there are cool and such
    >One of them smokes weed
    >Sometimes they go out on an errand for a few minutes
    >Two days ago
    >All of them go out to do something
    >I'm in the shop all by myself
    >Guy comes in looking for one of the workers (let's call him A)
    >Tell him he should be back in a bit
    >He sits down and calls him
    >Few seconds later gives me phone to talk to A
    >Asks how much money I have
    >Have like $200+ "Um....$40"
    >Tells me to give him $20...no wait, $40
    >Give phone back and tell him I was told to give him $40
    >Give him $40, seconds later I get small plastic bag of balls of some funky smelling plants
    >".....Oh ****" I thinks to myself
    >Guy says thanks and leaves
    >Puts the stuff under sofa I'm sitting on until A comes back


    >At Chuck E. Cheese
    > http://i.imgur.com/Cj4AHnj.jpg

    can we not hyperlink images on vms anymore or am I doing osmething wrong?
    okay so, not only did I technically buy weed today but I also just came back from Chuck. E. Cheese. Thug life
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