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  • you know, a floppy-aass whip isn't very good

    yea they're gonna do a fair bit of stuff, I just skimmed the site cause I was doing something
    Mozart was a lazy bastard, making up a song the morning of a performance

    I'd rather slap Ryuokowhatever's voice actress across the face with my
    no I don't

    It just says it's called Anime Expo, or simply AX. Huh, the Kill La Kill cast is gonna be there or something, so is Sailor Moon dub cast
    I don't get it

    apparently there's gonna be an anime convention in town in July, NHK World will have a booth and also cover it on Kawaii International. Git gud m8
    hey hawk i need to talk to you whenever you get this message if you can go on that one xat i sent you please that would be great thanks...
    I like just about any genre except....well....moe. I can't stand moe >_>

    Ahhh I wanna finish it so badd...maybe tomorrow <3
    Ooh, I've heard Berserk is really dark

    I saw that Senketsu is one of your favorite characters :D Who else do you like from KLK?
    I've uh...been rereading D.Gray-man repeatedly hoping that it'll somehow magically go off hiatus

    It's so...weird. Also Kill la Kill is really something
    I've been engaging more into manga and less into anime lately <3 It's fun

    Ahh, I LOVE PSG. It was so weird and wild
    course you did

    do it, fix your town up or **** I'm trying to get hybrids & minor orchards & a slight park looking area
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