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  • whoa, that looks seriously cool! now that I think about it I've seen good reviews for the show on tons of anime websites, so I'm definitely putting it on my watch/read list haha
    how are you liking it?

    nope, I haven't. is it worth it?
    and nah, I agree with you, aikuro's cool. it's just that he took some getting used to lmao
    Pokemon Special, D.Gray-man, Chokomimi, Fullmetal Alchemist, Magi, Shugo Chara!, Soul Eater, Hunter x Hunter, and Fairy Tail. The only one I've completed though is Shugo Chara
    Well I always think to myself "I should really read that manga" but I never get to it...I'm more of an anime person I guess? But I really do like manga
    I haven't read the manga but the anime is amazing <3 They're still printing?? Omg I'm so going to read it then because Tomookooo
    nah, I haven't even heard if it actually
    But Mekaku is pretty awesome so far! The OP's cool, and even though I've been in the kagepro fandom for two years everything is still interesting to see in animated form haha. I think you'd like it
    And wow aikuro? didn't expect you to like him tbh xD
    Rewatching, actually! Tomoko is literally my favorite female character of all time omg <3 It's so relatable haha
    Same here ^^ Thanks for accepting! Now I can stalk your anime expeditions and see what I should watch next and stuff
    Anime is a huge part of my life *^* Y'know, for reasons over-used like "escape from reality, sense of peace, enjoyable, hot men"
    Do you have a MyAnimeList account?
    oh really? because all I'm planning to watch is mekaku city actors lmao
    but ahhh btw i finished kill la kill!! and god i LOVED it, like seriously it landed a spot in my top 10
    my fave is either mako or satsuki but everyone else was great tbh
    I do like that you can recruit any warlord in the post game. It's also the only part of the game where you can get legendaries to keep.
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