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  • lel, you get on during your trip to see yourself banned

    it was okay I guess :/ looked like video game CG or something

    I think the site is gone or something now

    that ****ing cat

    okay they can't really not feel there's a problem

    it just is

    I'm so sorry OTL

    looks like an ordeal to color

    git gud

    in the end no one will buy, neither will you

    but you're not girl

    oh **** that kamehameha
    have fun being banned

    get your eyes checked, he did


    hah, stupid pussy

    later then

    oh that's bad

    coo-lee-oh nee-pon

    your face isn't that cute at all

    very good feel

    bossoms where?

    got damn they're really hard-selling this ****
    420 all day e'ery day?

    but I'm not a girl .-.
    don't name names

    of course he did

    well say wood a lot of times next

    oh, well either way I don't mind

    no do it rite nao

    ....but there's no further respect, only basic respect

    i dunno when it show again


    feels good man

    you telling them to be nice?

    generic-looking robots

    hah, dream on
    too much to keep track of, need more sites

    no bodies rest in ground

    doesn't it sound so weird now?

    feels aren't needed, for either

    do anki

    how can one gain respect if always anonymous?

    it aired this weekend

    they spent all of like 5 seconds on otaku

    yes, if you say so

    they sound mad

    funny looking

    I didn't died
    No, it will happen to anyone that tries to log in without going to the www sub-domain.
    Solution: You need the www. So it is sort of a cookie issue, but no fault of your own.
    Yeah, very cool.

    What're ya up to?

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I don't get on the internet much and when I do I tend not to reply to people, just check my subscribed threads.
    Have you tried deleting your cookies for the forum/session data? Also try in another browser and see if the behaviour is the same.
    Yeah; saw the thread after I came back from school.
    Have you joined any clan yet, or just kinda floating around?
    go get hentei somewhere else

    rest in ground

    choose a word, now say it, say it again, more, more more more, say it one more time, again ****er, louder, yet again, does it sound weird yet?

    but girlllllllllls


    oh well, I just won't use them

    yere, it's their thing, except on weekends

    such kawaii, bit spoopy, wow

    piece of **** internet won't buffer it, but caught snippets

    stupid fat weaboo
    yea sure

    so they died


    not the main focus

    but Kentucky gave us fried chicken

    but I don't like those terms

    look at the schedule more

    omg kawaii

    too bad, too afraid
    get your mastur on

    no stahp, no details for me

    no idea what the hell that means

    but it's about guys....guys aren't as funny as girls

    oh, guess it's in Kentucky now

    shet I meant AO cause Anime Opening

    yere I saw ;n; Kawaii International in about ten minutes

    get on xat mother ****er & I will.

    you'd be surprised
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