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  • use another site

    you didn't make sense

    there's a secret garden inside all of us, don't worry

    he needs to grow a pair & kick them the **** out of his house, but lol

    it's in Kansas

    AP then, not OP

    half full

    um, I just said I'd ban you

    but it can still spoillllll me
    you don't try enough

    um, no not really she isn't

    I do not, don't call me maybe because it's too late

    oh, the anime about that one pic with all those guys dressed up?

    okay, nooo, can't be in Asia again

    it won't be delivered, because of OP


    stop or I ban you

    wait what is that I dun want spoils

    no he's dead

    I am about many things but not this

    um, that one about the blue-haired girl?

    nooo, can't be in Japan again

    OP is a homosexual & will not have his package arrive on time


    yes I know, you should stop posting
    that's like 80% assuming it's all correct

    I have hair spray & a match....

    konbanwa your face

    you are mistaken

    I don't remember what, but good

    never will that happen

    correct terms are relevant

    wow, well good luck in your endeavors

    yes, please stop posting

    shut up


    I did no such thing

    did you?

    no, Shinx has no such thing

    TC can't inb4

    your ****

    much sing, many kawaii
    all of us not like, our schools or whatever

    why the **** does it sound familiar

    no, they aren't synonyms

    you don't even know what this is

    face out of window

    but he has Shinx markings, which are on Shinx's ears

    tc, op, doesn't matter, you still won't deliver

    properly or cause of reasons?

    oh look it's spazing guy
    yet we grade & rank things with 7 being average in mind instead of 5

    no not like those


    & you can't make me


    they're on it's ears

    Topic Creator/Thread Creator

    Naruto is what I highly recommend to everyone

    was too lazy to get spelling

    much better
    nope, 50% is an F

    tests are shells

    like your face

    I don't wanna


    shinx patterns

    TC can't inb4

    I like it not THAT MUCH

    they need to ununciate...anunciate.....annunciate

    no, she must be pure
    7 is average with 10 scale but wtf is that?

    teat, that thing people can suck

    wait, **** lines are jumbled

    that's not how I remember

    much shibe, very inu

    I have my one eye on you

    um, if you say so

    into last week

    to screw you over

    oh, I couldn't tell what was being said sometimes

    why was it so lewd? :/
    we need to use the 5 scale instead of 10

    yea that's what you're doing

    no you said teat was teet when no, it's teat

    I don't use the stuff

    but he died

    Fire Blast with a marking


    yes they did.....meh


    I will support him

    did they butcher her name or something?

    no that's too much

    slippery slope

    you said it was teet, but it's teat

    too lazy to put it on my face

    was this spoilers?


    yes whatever those words are

    aw, it wasn't Safety Dance

    what is that a flower?

    not sure what this is anymore

    this too

    huh, not bad, but to me doesn't completely fit

    oh hey it's that image I was shown on xat
    rip open only the circle part

    attraictive sure

    someone else does


    I don't


    one can learn on Sunday

    you better be

    I can hear it, it's cute


    hah you suck

    sucks to be her

    um, right one?
    leave it in the container it comes with

    pretty sure it ain't

    I never used mine

    or you can search yourself

    it's not that dry now

    is it out meow?

    but what about learning?


    still gonna say it sun-dur

    yes but what is that?

    I believe you~

    clearly we see her washing the uniform

    didn't watch cause lag. The........video.......progressed.......in.......this........manner. You can see why I'd give up on it >_>
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