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  • it will never be perfect

    that's not possible

    for what end?

    not gonna screen it

    I don't even what is this

    good for you


    dont know that word

    yea I know I saw that

    sure you did

    scene didn't really fit

    thing never wanted to buffer so it was all choppy
    it can work as one anyway

    no it's not

    we have what we do now because of that

    "The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above." don't go full retard, my spelling is first suggestion

    too lazy

    damn right

    not that bad, but whatevs

    de-reh? Sun-deh-reh?


    tastes yummy
    I bet it's a bottle opener too

    no she just died & became one with the stars again

    easier said than done


    I wish it was smoother

    not gonna do it

    ah, now it makes even better sense


    I bet you cheated

    her hair looks like ears
    oh well, do something to make it more likely

    no she dies, that's dying

    yere, though I guess when I get better internet again it'd be useful


    my face hurts

    I don't wanna

    uh....yes, makes perfect sense

    I pronounce tsundere like thunder with a more pronounced t sound, I don't care if it's wrong
    screw you do what you want

    don't be delusional

    but I don't really need one either way

    teet is nothing

    Smash Bros will be delayed Please Understand

    plenty of pics out there for that


    **** you i'll be what I want
    oh I'm not forcing, I was suggesting. she really is motherly

    but then she dies

    no, not enough funds for both

    looser, it means not taut

    Please Understand

    has a dress, able to look up it, no visible underwear. it's the same

    see I told you

    she is one

    been there done that

    no, I need mah game first

    it's looser

    I bet you cant even spell it

    Zelda didn't

    he she whatever

    you're the best I could do?
    you should have done it, you were going on about older women

    much mad

    yes I knowwwwww


    that's my word

    only Peach has that, wonder if Rosalina will??????????

    no iregardless of that

    .....best I could do?
    ugh, well Friday I had to leave suddenly so I just closed my laptop. When I got back later I noticed it still showed me online so.....I wasn't really there if it showed me online the whole time.

    wow, much pretty, such clear, hi defenishun

    yes I know

    I'm not an orgy guy


    they are indeed undoubtedly birds

    nothing else is really on my radar, underage breast ninjas it is

    huh, I thought her kid was a girl for whatever reason

    too hard

    shooters have lots on the screen though, RPGs too

    or for like, actual gifts like you got

    *wouldn't do it*

    something happens today

    not this again, plenty of non-Fliers get Flying attacks

    I have enough for Senran Kagura, get it? Y/N?

    because she sucks

    how mean
    my past replies

    oh that, yea that's pretty significant

    hm, but is shipping also covered by that same card? I assume so

    because that's a menage a trois

    I am a time traveler

    I remember when I peed outiside my house during a social gathering of sorts after I asked my mom if I could "go to the restroom" when I was.....6?

    Piplup is a bird


    no not ****ing Britney Bltch again

    who dat?
    I can't ****ing prove anything when I can't even see my lines

    what's the difference?

    nah, I've no credit card

    why two?

    that doesn't mean anything

    I remember lots of things

    which is a bird

    he was kewl with it
    maybe I did

    ten eighty pee

    still soon

    hrm, maybe I can find one someother place

    two yeas?

    kick it to the curb like I did to your waifu before she was yours

    I don't remember either way

    penguin is a bird

    damn, he
    I should have done the same thing to spite you

    hi deaf?


    is that a specific chain or just some local thing?

    another yea?

    there can be things that are impossible

    eh, nothing much

    yes, I remember the bird thing being there

    we was like, oh cool thanks
    so happy

    did you watch it yet?

    yes of course they are

    at a store or online???

    another one what?

    I cannot, it's not possible

    well you still didn't win somehow

    yes, how about it?


    I did just that
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