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  • It could be better. That girl I mentioned? She's had a really bad week and tried to commit suicide twice. I could barely talk her out of it. Then today was a really stressful day at school and I didn't even get to see her which made it worse for me. So meh.
    Yeah, I know exactly how it is. Could be worse I suppose, huh?

    Not much really. I'm trying to get back into writing again but I lack so much motivation that it's actually pathetic. I've taken up music production as the path I'm going to go in life and, hopefully, going to also take some Video Editing courses when I start college. I also just got into a relationship (Sort of; it's a long story) with someone. Nothing too much has been happening. What about you?
    Well, I completely forgot I came back to say hi. Sorry about that. Haha.

    Anyways, I've been meh. Not bad but not great. Things are getting slowly better. How about you?
    well stahp that

    today is Thursday so that's a day away

    I've beat you down more

    I said no

    still too lazy

    I can't not be me

    even if I won you didn't

    very carefully
    congrats on your club hawkeye ill try to have your bars done soon sorry about that got a bit busy...
    you just said to do it all day

    now it's like, 3

    check into cash


    you do not

    too lazy

    I'm always me

    no you didn't

    the way you do
    that's too much

    four more days

    many sad

    i'm not in the mood

    I still have seven of those

    dunno >_> plus I'm too lazy to get a Photobucket or Imgur

    I already am me

    but you're wrong

    I don't remember that

    you stalk it
    okay it is, but not all the time

    this Thursday is soon

    wow, much royal

    I'll do it tomorrow

    I'm behind seven of those

    I'll go all my bubbles with a yellow background from now on

    what was my wish?

    eh, I don't think so

    I'm not

    very too much
    that is not true

    it passed

    did you read it?

    again? I don't want to

    meaning it's not my fault

    what's wrong with yellow?

    what did you grant?

    it's not that okay

    I don't like how things go, I'm not afraid though

    you like it too much
    I'm not one of those

    next week?

    oh, well good


    i didn't say that based on race

    better than....well not much, but yea

    nope, still nothing

    keep it going

    my phone one is

    I don't like horror

    I saw
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