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  • ugh, you tease

    yes we were

    that was two days ago
    not yet
    u mad?

    but they aren't the same fox ladies as the ones I like

    that makes me ignorant, not racist

    but later it gets some black

    nothing happened...

    not yet, don't stop

    yes I know, also crap like, camera

    not after what you said

    I think I listened on xat

    we all are at one point

    I saw it yesterday
    fine, I will
    are you angry?

    tch, as if you could

    no it isn't

    what about the non-orange ones?

    I wish I was

    don't stop until I tell you too

    in the far off shot he looked ten

    because effort

    you better move, you better dance?
    ew, you're up right now?


    age restricted, I'm not logging on just to watch it >_>
    dewott you want
    pft, get good then

    green one isn't one of my two by the way

    don't spoil my food

    but ninja's so cool

    no, cause I'm not getting paid

    damn straight you bettter be

    but he looks like them, also I thought it was a kid, like a child

    not yettttt


    but not both at the same time

    believe it the rainbow mother****er
    fine, I'll dewott
    did you find out?

    no **** you, if anything you can have the green one, I don't care about her

    no spoil

    that's a cool drawing

    really? maybe I should be an accountant

    just do it anyway

    HOLY **** IT'S ZACK/CODY!!!

    not yet

    spoilers: someone dies


    believe it
    no, you Dewott you want
    er, not sure, just find out

    which one? There's two I like


    if you spoil I kill u

    they don't have to be friends

    so they don't make mucho dinero?

    I'm doing it right now

    nope, you said not to

    nothing can be both on & off

    don't pity me
    you better find out

    doesn't matter, stealin' yor gurl

    leik dis if it make u cri

    nah, no spoilers

    I'm too old for valentines cards

    do they make Dejon Dinero?

    but I want to

    but she looks ten sometimes

    i'm not gonna watch, but you're a tease
    you can't make me

    of or on?

    another tone

    I'd just take her

    I am not

    they do, but it's still ****ing sad

    can they even ****ing understand him talking so fast?

    these need to be used by children everywhere

    what is his job thta he can have all of that?

    huh, I guess her friend really is of age

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