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  • I'm not gonna do it

    a threat

    how about now?

    I can kill you, then woo her

    yes okay

    ah, maybe you edited, saw it now. I just finished episode 4 a while ago, omg the ending

    oh, I see....

    it will hurt a lot

    I did have one though, Boss gave it to me

    I figured. "Animuuuuuuuuu....animuuuuuuuuuuuu.....animuuuuuuuuu"
    *gets to 0:30 or so* FUUUUUUKC, he's out in public like this!?

    imma threaten you

    skin tone
    do it now or I will

    shouldn't it have both of your pictures on the certificate?

    : 3

    oh hey it's that xat gif

    yea what?


    also it might hurt

    ah, well cool

    wait, did he call the Wii a Wai?
    hey, I did say it's "acceptable" sexism

    lots of people were threatened

    deaf tone
    just check your started threads

    she's hella cute what you talking about?

    they did by doing bad things

    Michael or Peter?

    because you touch yourself at night

    which is?

    because she isn't real

    I don't have one, at least I don't think
    it is, but not in a mean way

    right, they threatened to kill or did kill such people back then

    I don't think that has any use anyway

    president then, I'll take her regardless

    they eat the souls of people who become monsters


    but it's so relaxing

    who likes bishonen then?

    technically it is, but it's completely understandable

    so are you a witch?

    cause there's like only two

    I will make it miy mission to take away your five president waifu

    she doesn't, but her weapon (who's name is literally Soul) does


    Hotttttttttt spuriiiiiiiiiiings

    women like bishonen?

    you already did it
    technically it is, but no one is expected to be bisexual

    i'd prefer that over brown

    dial tone
    that's not a car, that's a carriage
    it'd raise the chances i'd think


    soul eater person

    we stand erect, as in our entire body


    still looks like a girl

    not daily, just do it this one time


    if I lived where less sun I'd probably lighten a bit

    very, skin tone, voice tone, other tone
    that makes no sense
    probably should have done some art first. also, the section there with moderating is slow


    reminded me of Maka a bit, why she no have green hair?

    not penis, standing up straight

    tease announcer

    he looks feminine, that's bishonen right?

    is that what MLP fans do?
    definitely will watch it subbed
    yours can also make a man feel good?

    I should look into

    tch, barely

    sometimes I can, but it's mostly tone
    no, a car titan would be a mecha

    haven't done his yet

    some strong guy

    stand erect to get respect

    you'll never know, dear

    I forgot all about that
    mine does things

    something about pirates?

    yea cry u bish

    they can talk bad too
    & person operating car


    some guy

    rather, something that springs

    yea, kinda sad

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