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  • Hey hayata, sorry to say this but.. you have 2 days to show activity @ Wifi-league or else I really have to erase your name from the list.

    Hope I'll hear from you soon!
    Hey how are you Hayata? Why the inactivity :(

    Btw: which Thunder pok you like most? (must be in gen1 or gen2)
    Hi, i'm interested in your HP Ice Thundurus. I can offer flawless foreign/non-foreign dittos, flawless non-foreign/foreign smeargle, EV trained flawless battle ready pokes, anything egg RNG-able, and more if you can nickname the Thundurus: Imagine. Please message me back whenever you can :) ~Emii(Glenda Garchomp)
    Hmm. Not one shop so far has a HP Grass Zapdos :/

    I thought you cancelled it because you already had all of your S/F OU Pokemon?
    Yo, remember me? ^^

    The Zapdos you happen to have, but haven't put up for trade yet. Is it HP Grass, or plain old flawless?
    That is nice to know, thank you. I have just been building up a library of pokemon right now. Opened a trade shop and been learning to RNG. Had success already so hope it is easy sailing
    As right too. It was a absolute heatwave! I will check it out. Never been great at competitive battling but want to get much better
    looks like challengers are permited to battle elite four immediately. I thought you have to beat all leaders before you face the elite 4 but azulart said that I can challenge your gym. May I challenge yours if your ready?
    As long as they are in the OU tier (Ubers are not allowed, aside from one frontier brain) then its okay.
    Oh and Hacked pokemon are not allowed, but judgeing by your sig etc.. I don't think they are :).

    Alright good luck with that :p
    That would be great, both spots are open so its your to pick one of them.
    The only condition for the gym is to have 4 types in your team of the gym you present and 2 random ones, flats or 6vs6 doesnt matter for the gym sections.

    Once someone wins at your gym, you'll earn him the Badge, so he or she can put it in the sig :)
    The League is there to encourage WIFI, since it is kinda dieing due PO and PS.

    Feel free to apply at the thread
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