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Last Activity:
Nov 17, 2018
Feb 17, 2011
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Member, from New Zealand, Brazil, Japan

Haydinho was last seen:
Nov 17, 2018
    1. TREVEN
      is the timid genosect legit and flawless
    2. pokemonster9
      hey. i have all tree regis. regigigas ... and a bunch more from every gen . whould you want to trade for events ?
    3. VelveteenWolf
      Im interested in event Darkrai, shaymin and Deoxys. Would you trade for a Haley mew or a Wishmaker Jirachi? I also have Arodactel, Milotic and can try to get any pokemon for them.
    4. Lt Steel
      Lt Steel
      Ready whenever you are mate.
    5. someguyrocks
      hi i was wondering if u were still after a heart gold UT kyogre?
    6. Lizard006
      hey i'm looking for a regular nosepass can you help
    7. GlaceonQueen
      Alrighty, What would you like for him?
    8. GlaceonQueen
      Hello. :> I was in the neighborhood and I noticed you were offering a DW Event Flareon, I can offer you all the Japanese Movie 11 events, the rest of the DW Eeveelutions, most of the Dw starters and more. Just contact me back if you would like to trade. :>
    9. Froggy
      I have a Japanese Shiny Hydregion. What events can you offer?
    10. kaiser soze
      kaiser soze
      Any progress with your team building?
    11. character_fan
      I can trade the following: level 75 bisharp, level 65 dragonite, level 56 infernape, level 46 alakazam and level 49 pachurisu.

      I was also wondering if you have a bonsly with rock head ability or a cyndaquil with flare blitz egg move too?

      Please feel free to pm me anytime, thanks sooo much!
    12. PoliSWAG
      Thanks for the Spiritomb! I've been looking for these hehe
    13. PoliSWAG
      I'm coming
    14. PoliSWAG
      I am TRULY sorry about not being there. Can you tell me what time is it over there?
    15. PoliSWAG
      You messaged me when I was offline. -_-. If you are in the EST time zone get on at 12 or something.
    16. PoliSWAG
      Your pidgey is ready.
    17. reshiram09
      my FC is:
      4384 2217 5392
    18. reshiram09
      ill give you my FC code today sometime
    19. reshiram09
      id like to make the trade for my shaymin and ur zekrom tomorrow. (Friday, 11:00am AEST)
      if that would be possible.
    20. Lvl_99_zekrom
      i have an extra shaymin. do you have any female dream world pokemon
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  • About

    New Zealand, Brazil, Japan
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    3582 8703 0724


    USUM FC: 3582 8703 0724
    S + M FC: 3582 8703 0724
    ORAS FC: 3582 8703 0724
    X + Y FC: 3582 8703 0724
    Black 2 FC: 4213 3128 6791
    White FC: 4255 2852 0058
    Soul Silver FC: 1163 0791 3665
    Diamond FC: 4383 1380 6556
    FRLG: In person, wireless
    RSE: In person, cable only
    GSC: In person, cable only
    RBY: In person, cable only

    PM me - I dont use Visitor messages.

    "Playing since before Pokemon was a cartoon!"