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Last Activity:
Jun 28, 2013
Apr 5, 2008
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October 28

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Ronin Harrier, from Chi-town

-Hayward- was last seen:
Jun 28, 2013
    1. ellie
      do you live in the city of hayward
    2. Palamon
      Congrats person. I have yet to join Fizzy Bubbles.
    3. Plight of Leon
      Plight of Leon
      I replied on UPN.
    4. Plight of Leon
      Plight of Leon
      Okay. That's fine.
    5. Plight of Leon
      Plight of Leon
      What are your plans for that female Riolu?
    6. Meetan
      Hayward, for here and the Mart, you were four/five minutes late. It's Tuesday now.
    7. Son_of_Shadows
      Sorry for sending you this here and UPN, but I wasn't sure which you'd check first - what do you want for your Poliwag?
    8. YDT
      That's definitely fine. And I'll keep an eye out for those pokemon you want. You may start the trade, thx.
    9. YDT
      I'm interested in your pineco. Btw I heard that Uhhhhh is offerring a Timburr (think you wanted that)
    10. Pengyzu
      Doone. Thank you Hayward... oh, and have you listened to Good Time?
    11. Pengyzu
      Duuuude, have you heard Good Times? :O
    12. FlashFusion
      Hey, Hayward, saw that you were looking for Candies, and were offering 20k per candy. I'd pay 4 Candies for the following TMs:

      For Wartortle:

      Stone Edge - 8,000 coins
      Metronome - 3,500 coins
      Scald - 7,500 coins

      Subtotal = 19,500 coins

      For Spoink:

      Calm Mind - 4,000 coins
      Energy Ball - 7,500 coins
      Volt Switch - 2,000 coins
      Trick Room - 3,000 coins

      Subtotal = 16,500 coins

      For Aron:

      Wild Charge - 8,000 coins
      Earthquake - 7,500 coins

      Subtotal = 15,500 coins

      For Druddigon:

      Shadow Claw - 8,000 coins
      Dragon Claw - 6,500 coins
      Earthquake - 7,500 coins

      Subtotal = 22,000 coins

      For Venipede:

      Dragon Pulse - 6,500 coins

      Subtotal = 6,500 coins

      Total = 80,000 coins
    13. Pengyzu
      *///* Owl City is awesome~ *high-five*
    14. Pengyzu
      Well... he's up against a Vulpix and I can't substitute if I want to catch... He's doing great! Currently the highest leveled 'mon in my team~ The original list for 2 Candies will do. After this, I'll be saving up my candies again in case of future needs. Your Illumise has grown on me quite a bit. I never liked Illumise that much but now, I don't want to get rid of the cutie pie :< She's gonna light up the zones and shall be part of my ultimate exploring team with that ability of hers and her tail light.

      4000 Rest
      4000 Water Pulse
      2000 Flash

      5000 Light Screen
      5000 Reflect

      3500 Hidden Power (Water)
      3500 Psywave
      3000 Double Team

      8500 Flash Cannon
      1000 Sleep Talk

    15. -Hayward-
      D'aawww...anything for my ol' shiny magnemite!! Name your TMs...my offer of 20k worth per candy still stands...BTW how's the little bundle of energy doing these days?
    16. Pengyzu
      Hi Hayward~ Still interested in more candies? It looks like I'll be needing some moves for my beloved (and your old) Shiny Magnemite if I want my first capture :)
    17. Pengyzu
      Denada mi amigo~
    18. Pengyzu
      I think you'd have to put in the Pokeball she's in your post. :)
    19. Pengyzu
      I'm an FB staff~ I never get cleaned out if I work hard! I'll give you 11 because of your kindness~ Thanks Hayward. Just trade stuff you don't want/need for the other 2 trades~ Filipino: Maraming Salamat; Spanish: Muchos Gracias; English: Thank You very much~ ^^,
    20. Pengyzu
      That'll be correct. So how much? :)
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