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  • Hey! If you ever come back on again, I just wanted to let you know, thanks. I gave you a link to a website a long time ago and as I found it again today, reports said it was a scam. Thanks for convincing me not to buy a ds game off the site. ^.^
    I know. You stranger! :D Jk. Its been good. Work has been real good. Running a business is tough sometimes though. You?
    Haha. For me is time to give up once I completed my uni course. I will not have time to play a time consuming game.

    So right now I just aim to play at the fullest before putting it down.
    Lol wild ride for both of us!

    I am left with minor cores. Those give me headaches man.

    So what are you doing in this forum?
    Lol I should asked ya the same~ How are ya? I am still studying and only 5 more units to go!

    I think I know the reason why and it is silly it is Pokemon trade related.
    Check my shop, I have shiny WISHMKR jirachi, j lost my careful one though think I accidentally traded it, I have shiny Eppie mew with foul play, Softboiled, drain punch, and drill run, T with 55 exp adamant flawless nobunaga rayquaza, or flawless jolly or naive flawless nobunaga rayquaza UT lv30 GAMESTP raikou entei and Suicune, and a shiny quiet decent IV spread deoxys from a German fire red its T lv100 and when EV wiped and re EV trained in sp atk it goes to 500, I have Pokecheck evidence for it to
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