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  • Ouch. Do oyu know where your applying or where you want to go? I saw your shop too. XD Good team of people.
    My Club is so active and famous that I've gotten PMs from several artists asking to make a Banner for the Club! Lol!

    The Club is about Pokemon Breeding meaning you can talk about all the Pokemon that you like, movesets for your bred team, etc. That place is great!
    I feel I may be gone for a long time once I graduated...

    Anyway I just finished 63 pages of slides for my unit. It is brain draining -.-
    I wish we could exchange game keys so we can unlock some stuff in our games!

    I don't think my relative have time for games already since one of them is working, another one having the most important exams of her time.
    Yo Hedge! Do you have 5th gen?

    Anyway I have my 5th gen shop already though I do not need much management hehe.
    Incase you still wanted to know, for BW 1 you need to beat the E4 before transferring, for BW 2 I think once you get to the transfer lab you can immediately transfer pre or post game
    Tell me something, is this hard to transfer pokemons from 4th to 5th gen? Do you need to defeat Elite 4 or something? Because right now, I think I could try to do something like this, IF it's possible to do this transfering thingo having one single badge. For now, I really want to use this black 2 account to get some more Genesects. =X
    Yes! I actually got it. I'm using to get some wi-fi events and transfering for my old black one account. I got 3 Genesects and I'll try to have another one tomorrow. =P
    Haha! Guess what! I bought a Black 2 monday and boy, that was an expensive new toy. I'm still not playing for real, I'm just collecting some different Genesects and transfering for my old white account for future trades. =P
    I just have updated your reserved post. =)
    Sorry for taking that long, the last 2 days I got too late at home and I just couldn't check my messages. ^^'
    I know! But 3 months to me isn't long as studying makes time flies faster!
    Lol you aren't the only one.

    This is just a forum to chat, though I chat more in FB. Even so it is not a necessity to go visit here everyday lol.
    Hey Jimmy just put a reply on the thread as soon as you can. After you do this, the thread will be available for public requests. =D
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