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  • Hi there, you think May will make an appearance during Ash's final battle in the masters 8?
    Hey ! To be honest I don't know, I sure hope so !
    Pokegirl Fan~
    Pokegirl Fan~
    It sure feels like they're setting up something with all these cameos so far
    Awww that sounds beautiful and cute^^ I wanna see a picture of what that looks like sometime. And, yes, Sylveon is my favorite pokemon :3 With Lucario in close second XD Which i'm sure surprises no one
    Its fine i don't really have an issue to talk about :) I've been pretty happy since i got some of my chocolate bars again^^ i had cute daydreams of korrina earlier today too. She had her sunglasses look and was punching the air a few times while commanding lucario to attack :3 it was soooo adorable and hot. i loved that daydream so much!

    Your avatar is adorable :) I had to tell you that.

    And i painted my nails today. I felt proud of that. Even if....i live in a world that would likely make me want to feel upset about that :/
    No, but i do have a lot of french blood. I actually chose my name cuz my hydreigon i got off wifi was named this, lol :p I didn't know it was the french name at the time i changed my name either. Interestingly, he's a male, and i don't like being called male names xD I guess life isn't all black and white tho :p
    Thats a lot xD

    i like korrina's eps most, of course. I hope i'll still be able to watch them all again...yt seems slow for me again now :<

    Skating on pokemon y is a lot more fun than one would think it should be lol especially at the tower of mastery and down the lane of route 6 xD
    Your new signature banner (the one with Serena and Pikachu) is adorable and beautiful! I love all of your signature banners, really. ^_^
    Since you're French, you might be able to answer my question. The round food Ash and Serena were eating in XYZ45, the second date, what is it called?
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