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  • hey man im new here, could you aware me on which members to avoid? i hear theres a lot of trolls and cyber bullies
    Lol I was going to reply to that theory guy that I have a theory that Ghetsis got his eye injured due to a fight with the Ultimate Dragon so therefore it must be appearing in the game, but you beat me to it with Dialga, lol
    hahaha well you do make sense =D... I'm super excited bout today's news but I'm trying to keep myself calm from heartbreak of lack of info =)
    Oh lord... you are right : D... But tbh I don't even like Anabel that much : D... It's just a thing I do where I change my sig. according to the stage I'm at :p : P : P but thanks for keeping me alert I hadn't noticed that =D
    Wait, you can trade the purified shadows to the ADV games on the Wii too? I didn't know that, thanks!
    A lot of things get Baton Pass or Hypnosis from it, it's pretty useful on a lot of things.
    Oooh, official art. Sounds official.

    While you probably have little interest in what I'm doing with it, here's what I'm doing with it.
    Right now, SPPf is pissing me off with the amount of Americans stalking the site, so let them delete it, I DON'T CARE!!
    Sorry; I didn't even look. I just saw the title was whether or not you liked the formes or not. I assumed that was a yes or no thing. My bad. XD

    On the bright side, your poll is more popular? :)
    Even if the Wii U had the power of a Famicom, it'd still be next-gen by definition.

    I don't know what you're arguing here. We've already had developers say it's more powerful than the PS3 and 360.
    As odd as it may sound coming from me, I think we should ignore the established definition here. Next-generation should imply that we'll get something that was previously impossible. The SNES could acheive what was impossible on the NES, same with the N64 to SNES etc.

    This puts the Wii more as a last-gen console, so Nintendo will finally have something that can keep up with Microsoft and Sony's machines. It will have the same capabilities and we'll see all the same games, that's why I don't think it's deserving of the 'next-gen' monicker.
    I swear, there are some stupid people... I mean, really? The Flame Ice and the Electric Ice look nothing like water and lava...
    It's a secret lost to the mysts of time.

    Which is a fun way of saying I like to keep people guessing. If someone really wanted to figure it out, though, it wouldn't be that difficult.
    Where's BCMV22 when you need him?
    Sitting back and watching the trainwreck. (I think you meant me, at least).
    Jiggly, the Fire and Ice look a small amount like Gems, seeing as there is Ice (kyurem related) encasing them;creating a pattern which makes them look slightly like gems. this is why all these RSE-make noobs are saying "THEY ARE GEMS. THIS IS A RSE-MAKE!"
    oh, they're such simpletons.
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