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  • They look cool I have my eye on the grass starter but I will not say no too the other two.
    Me amigo I haven't talked to you in so long how are you.

    As for me I have been busy with school also well as well as posting videos for my youtube channel you should check it out the link is in my sig.
    Pokemon videos also would play other games but mainly pokemon related ones.
    I'm been doing great haven't been battling as much as I use to. I'm been shiny hunting in my extra spare time aside from studying for my final and my CCENT.
    I have been good I don't know if you know there are some changes going to happen to the league.

    Also when are going to be able battle once again I miss our battles :)
    I've fallen out of favor with Goodra in general. It had gotten a little predictable, so I started running the physical attacking one, but the physical move pool doesn't have the punch the special one does.
    For whatever reason, I forgot to put HP Fire on it. It has the IVs for it, I just don't have it as a move lol
    I kinda thought the para would happen, just one of those things. I overpredicted with your Garchomp. I felt the Outrage bait to just switch into Scizor, but I felt it was too obvious lol. That High Jump Kick miss...I played a battle yesterday where my opponent hit 10 in a row and that's all i could think about when I got that miss lol
    I'm available for maybe an hour before I have to leave. Should be back within 3 hours from then (4 hours from now)
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