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  • Good luck to you too! You'll give tons of people trouble in this tourney. Your partner is going to wreck shop if it sets up like it did against me and there's nothing to scare it out.
    You did amazing with your Game 2 adjustments. I seriously had nothing for your one mon. XV It's so powerful
    I think the score would be based on tie breaker. So, it would hurt me towards a better ranking in the long run, but there's been matches in league that've been won 0-0, so we'll see. Good games either way! I was on edge the entire set o/
    Alrighty. I'll go by what Cryuel says, but I found what the smogon rules are.

    It's the rocky helmet clause sorta on smogon.
    If induced recoil from an ability (Rough Skin/Iron Barbs/Liquid Ooze/Aftermath, Rocky Helmet) results in a double faint, the winner is the Pokemon with the ability that caused the recoil faint. This means that if you punch a Ferrothorn and Iron Barbs causes a double KO, the Ferro wins
    Good games o/ Rough Skin deals the damage first though. It was a surprise to me too, but it counts as a win by rule. It's kinda like Rocky Helmet or Brave Bird but inversed. I got lucky with the critical hit that set that up unfortunately.

    Though I don't know if can count as a tie. That's something we'd have to ask the tourney maker.
    With pokemon i become inactivity for awhile the lack of battles made me lose of my passion i once had but now I'm on top of things and getting back into the swing of thinhs again then again i have not been breed as much tho nothing gets you back in the mood of playing pokemon like a good ol nuzlocke.
    Oh myyyy god you still alive I have not seen u in longgg vm me back so we can catch up
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