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  • Good luck on treecko! I haven't been so excited to see a shiny in so long and when my Treecko finally shone, it was amazing! You will get him soon!
    thanks for your answer. I've moved the hunt to HG as I feel like I have a better chance there. I'll pray for your cat's health =).
    Sorry for the horrible mistakes. I just read myself and I found some horrible and lazy mistakes in my text... I was in a hurry this morning... ^^'
    Well we didn't actually refused to let our cats go outside just for the dangers. We mostly don't let them go outside because...
    - Mimi likes to chase birds. We eventually found a dead bird on the balcony with the brain few inches aside. That was gross...
    - Puce runs away and hides under the shed or in the little wood. We once had a hard time to get her back. We almost lost her.
    - Cosmo eats neighbors plants and flowers.

    Yeah, Cosmo is a nice partner. Being like only a year older than I, it's fun to have it close by. As for Mimi and Puce, I still have them! THey are really in great shapes. Puce is getting a little thiner, like Cosmo, and Mimi got a little fatter. They must be around 8 to 10 years old but they look so young. Puce loves me. I just need to call her and she's already there, waiting for me to pick her up and scratch her. :3
    Newman, who was the same age as Daisy, if I remember correctly, just disappeared one day. It escaped outside (you probably know that cats usually like to go outside, but we know the danger and we don't let them go) one day, never to return. During the night, we went to search him. There is a little wood behind our house, so we thought he might be there. Newman was black and it was really dark, so there was no way we could ever see Newman. I was calling him loudly "NEWMAN!! WHERE ARE YOU !? Answer me, please..." and I heard a cry. I'm not sure if I heard correctly but I think I heard a soft "meow" coming from the woods. However, my lamp was so weak I couldn't see him. My whole family was inside and I couldn't scream them to get me a stronger lamp. Unfortunately, I had to get inside and quickly take the lamp by myself. By the time I got back, the cry was gone. I never saw Newman again. He was my best buddy... I don't think the cry was logically Newman's, but I still believe it was. That he called me for the last time, or told me "goodbye" before moving on to a new life.
    It was years ago from now. My friend told me a week after Newman's mysterious disappearance that her father accidently hit a black cat with his car. She was not living too far from my house, so my family and I accepted the theory that Newman might've been hit by a car... I cried a lot after the events of that day. I cried under my bed at my brother's birthday because I knew Newman liked cakes and we always spent my brother's birthday together...

    That's about it. I think Smudge is very cute. My other cat, Cosmo, is 16 years old and he's top shape (aside from the fact he got thiner and thiner). We hope he will a long time.
    Well actually, I didn't want to tell you the stories earlier because I was worry it would sadden you if you didn't felt that emotion before, but now that you ask, I can always tell you;
    When I was born, I had three cats; Newman, Daisy and Cosmo. And as I grew a little bit, two cats came into the family; Mimi and Puce (I'm french, Puce means flea). Newman and Daisy were pretty old at the time while Cosmo barely was one year old when I was born. Eventually, Daisy sadly got old and weak. She eventually started to have urinary problems and didn't eat too much. My mother brought her to the vet' one day (alone) and the vet said Daisy was suffering and we could let her die peacefully with the anesthesia (I think that's how it's called ?). When our mommy came back (we were young), she said that Daisy stayed at the vet for a deep sleep, never to wake up. We quickly understood and started to cry for the whole night.

    Next part following...
    Hey there Heliotrope!
    First, congratulations on that latest shiny Chespin!

    I've been hearing once or twice the condition of your cat at the moment. I feel really bad for you and I wish of all my heart that yours is alright. I don't know if you ever lost a cat in the past, but I know how it feels. It's hard. I hope you won't have to experience that anytime soon. So I'm giving you all my luck in hope of having a fine and healthy... Smudge (that's its name ? I love it! I truly do!) in a week or so! :)
    grats on the adorableness that is Shiny Cubchoo, and damn thats a long hunt btw, grats on sticking with it and not changing location
    Congrats on your Fletchling, even if it is the wrong gender. Too bad no females in the Batman universe fit for a name for Fletchling haha
    Wow, congrats on your Spritzee! That's such a cool Shiny, a definite future target of mine. Good luck with your Shiny Flecthling hunt, and I approve of the nickname if it's male(Robin reference FTW XD). Anyway, sorry to be a pain, but do you have a Shiny Cobalion? If so I'd love to see some pics ;).
    Huh, that's strange, I was definitely still playing around then. Not sure what happened, maybe it just kicked me offline and I didn't notice for a while? It seems to be very fussy about the internet for me, but only for Pokémon.
    And I keep missing all these times! I'll try and be online at around 8 tomorrow and I'll stay online this time so hopefully I won't miss it again... But I'll also be online tonight too. I'll keep a close eye on that pesky internet this time...
    I've been online for a while now (other than occasionally having my internet cut out cause it does that...) but your not appearing as online. Just letting you know so I don't come across as rude for miss you or anything!
    I checked through my list of friend on X, but no one called Helio is listed, so I assume that means you haven't been online yet (I think), so hopefully I haven't missed you! It's late now, but I'll be online a bit longer for a quick trade if your available! If not, I'll keep an eye out tomorrow in case you come online at any time! :3
    Looks like I missed 8:30pm by about an hour. I'll be playing Pokémon for most of the night now hatching Noibat eggs though, so feel free to add me and send me a trade request whenever! :3
    Oh yes please! She sounds close to perfect with what I was looking for! If I can find a Japanese Male with good Sp Def I'll be on a roll :)
    If your willing to trade for a random Noibat (I don't have much at all to trade, sorry...) then I would really appreciate it so much! But I understand if you want something better for it, all I have is random Japanese Pokémon I've been hoarding to breed >3<
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