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  • Well, that would be the case. The person may not have been a hunter or wasn't too bothered...still, I think it's enough proof to make me hunt it still. I'll stop at 8,192 SRs if it doesn't shine.

    On another note, you could say I'm taking your place as shiny lock tester if you like xD
    thanks and funny how I asked for motivation then it ended up shinining. Major grats on your Fennekin too, any idea what your next target will be?
    Really hope you get your Shiny Fennekin soon as your working so hard for it. Btw, do you have a Shiny Tepig? I'm up to 7,265 SR's for mine atm, and would love some motivation ;).
    Sure I'll do both, I'm DRAGON type that includes Fraxure, Dragonair and Siggoo.


    FC: 3007-8108-4044
    I can't help but wonder what would happen if you battled them with a full party/PC boxes
    In regards to that, it seems that's been tested already. Apparently, the final PC box is hidden until after you've caught Xerneas/Yveltal in the event that that happens, so it's absolutely impossible to avoid catching them at that point in the game.
    i added you in both 3ds systems:) my code is 4399 0058 5384 and my name there is Kotaki :D add me too please in both!
    Good luck with Fennekin, Helio! And congrats on Corsola!

    I'm still SRing for Chespin, so hopefully we both find them soon.
    Hi, thanks for the congrats for my shiny Fennekin :) He is definitely one of the best shinies I've ever gotten. He was really worth the time I put into SRing. So keep going with your hunt, I'm sure you'll have a cute Fennekin soon.
    About the 70 Pokemon rumour...I think that's kind of true and possibly false. Including the supposed evos of the pokemon already revealed, there are 54 pokemon. If you've been keeping up with the leaks, there's an extra handful of pokemon that take that amount quite close to 70. However, there hasn't yet been confirmation of more legendary duos/trios, so we might just get more than 70. It's pure speculation so far as to how many there are.
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