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    Edit: On another note, while resetting to get a camper I was also doing some shiny hunting in Emerald's safari zone, and I got the 'internal battery has run dry' message. I didn't even though that could happen in Emerald. o.o
    Yup, you're not alone. This happened to my Emerald a few months ago, actually. Seems really redundant on Emerald.
    Yeah, it's quite a big difference. But that explains it. Restarting your town, I can imagine a lot of your focus would be on rebuilding the town. And yeah, I saw that yesterday. Happy belated birthday! And yeah, this weekend should work, unless something unexpected pops up. That's unlikely though, so this weekend should be great.
    Oh, that's a good idea. So, you like that Bob character, right? I think Jessara has him, and hates him!

    I can't believe how nuts I'm getting over a new coloured rose that grew this morning. It's pretty funny.

    We'll have to visit each others town soon.

    When you hunt again, what will you be going for? Any ideas?
    Okay, so if you're still looking for MW furniture, I also found a MW TV if you need that. We haven't really been able to match up well, so that I could get you that bed, though I could just send it to you in a letter if that's okay with you.
    Heya Helio! I just noticed you were online.

    Did I read correctly? Did you start your game over again or did I get my wires crossed?

    What's happened in your game today? Anything interesting?

    I got my first black rose, sort of by accident, but even so ... I'm pretty excited about that. Funny how I'm excited by a plant, though.
    Okay, I'm free for a few hours, so if you're ready, I can open my gate for you to pick up the MW Bed.
    I think even with that small upgrade of four flowers at once, it would drastically cut the time needed to water.

    I'd love to come visit.

    I was just looking at PMs, and I saw one of yours from long ago asking if I had Animal Crossing for the Wii! Sadly I didn't, but hey, things are different now.

    Have you got a perfect town yet?

    Drop by any time and look through my shops if you want to.

    I know what you mean about the shiny hunting, though, but somehow I'm doing both! Occasionally it get difficult to try dealing with Pokémon AND Animal Crossing at once, though!

    My FC is: 5456 0313 8777
    Heya, I noticed you got the silver watering can. I'm really jealous! I didn't realise I had to buy a certain amount of seeds from Leif, so I have a bit of catching up to do! It's awful watering one patch of flowers at a time, but hey, a mayor has to do what a mayor has to do, right? ;) Heey, I should employ you to use your silver watering can on my town every day. lol

    What hybrids have you grown? I'm trying to grow different coloured roses, but I'm not having much luck. I have black tulips and lilies, and a lot of orange pansies ... oh, and one blue one.

    Very addictive stuff!
    Oh, okay. No problem then. Yeah, I was busy with a dentist appointment, so I couldn't do it today. Hopefully tomorrow I can do it, but I'll see.
    I have the MW bed ready whenever you're ready now, but I doubt you'll be around for awhile anyway. That's okay, since I'm busy for sometime today as well. Also, I found a Modern Wood Chest, in case you need that as well.
    Thanks again for it! I've ordered the MW bed, so you can come as soon as tomorrow to pick it up. And if I find a Silver Axe in the near future, I'll let you know.
    Yeah, I can come over now. Let's see, I don't have any of that set at the moment, but I can order a Modern Wood Bed, Lamp and Table, if you're in need of any of the those.
    I actually am in need of that wardrobe as well. Thanks! I'm able to come over now if you're ready. Do you happen to have a furniture series you're looking for? I could start looking out for that furniture if you do.
    Cool. Let's see...Already got the wallpaper and lamp, but I do need the chair and counter. Do you need me to pay you back for those in any way?

    I'd love to visit your town sometime if you wouldn't mind? Papousse, Jessara and I have been running amok in my town and on the Island!

    I guess your shiny hunting has been postponed, but what is your next target, anyway?

    Here's mine if you want it.

    5456 0313 8777
    Catch ya!
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