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  • Okay, so I added you as well. You don't happen to have any Green furniture you can order, do you?
    I added you on Animal Crossing, my code is in my sig and my name is TJ

    I have oranges, peaches, and pears (and others too if you want em)
    Sorry to kick you out like that, but my brother needs me to pick him up, take him to a bank, and get into a hotel. Long story. I'd love to have you over to Mooseley some other time though.
    I'll play a little later today too. Working from 2 PM to 6 PM Eastern time, so I wont be available during those times.
    Registered your 3DS FC. Mine is in my sig. Hopefully we can visit each other in New Leaf soon.
    Hey do you have a Shiny Charmander? If you do I'd love some pics/a vid for inspiration for my hunt for it as my first shiny on my FR BQ. Good luck to you too!
    Hey! I saw in the shiny hunters thread you're getting AC:NL and wanted to know if anyone else is getting it! I don't want to post there since I don't have a reason to yet (don't wanna add un-necessary posts!), but I'm also getting New Leaf! I did post in the thread that I was getting it, but I'm not sure if you missed it or didn't read my post, so here I am, haha. I don't really know you, but I follow your posts and what not so hi! :3
    Congrats on getting Thundurus at last, Helio! :D Gosh, I'm dreading when I eventually get around to SRing for mine on White, if it ends up taking that long too...XD
    Congrats on the Mudkip, too.

    Luckily I've only ever seen one Uncatchable Pooch. I know you've seen an awful lot! But, hey, you got your Mudkip, so let's celebrate!

    Good luck with your Ruby Badge Quest!
    Yw anytime ;3
    If you want to you need the dream radar get Landorus-T off it and take it to Abundance shrine's Landorus shine. You get a reveal glass item from an old man and you can change landorus, tornadus, and thundurus between forms.
    That's awesome! :D Gl in the tourney :)
    I totally agree on the ability prankster being better.
    Congratiez on shiny Thundurus!!!!!
    You deserve it ;)
    Are you going to put him into Therian form on BW2?
    Just watched your vid, Helio. I bet it was such a shock and a relief for you ...

    Really happy for you! Congrats! Good luck with your next hunt.

    What number shiny is that now, by the way?
    Major congrats on that Thundurus! That's awesome! Btw, I think you should catch it in something special since it took so long.
    Hey, I see you've finally got your shiny Thundurus! Huge congrats to you! I've noticed you've been at that shiny for such a long time, so I'm glad to see you finally got the shiny you've deserved for so long.
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