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  • Yeah, you have the right to get them with your credits, so it's no problem.
    I just have to find that file.

    And I don't know, I never did wondercards o:
    Nope, I just hunt shinies and that's it xD
    But I might give you some RNGd stuff if I can find my old Platinum file =p
    Not sure about my trade thread mons xD
    I'll check when I feel like doing so =p

    And good to see you again too~
    Thanks for the luck and good luck if you're hunting aswell ^^
    Well, welcome back then =D

    I quit RNG abusing like 1,5 years ago, I just hunt shinies the hard way ^^
    At a certain moment RNG abusing had ruined the fun I had hunting them, so I decided to quit and got back into hunting again =3
    Yep xD

    If it's about me leaving the forums suddenly, I had my reasons for it which I prefer to keep for myself.

    So.. who're you from Smogon?
    Same username?
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