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  • hey help hello :) i need your help! i have seen your message in the topic of fake pokemon games,that you have many of them.i am going to buy this set from this guy on e-bay.
    i want to help me about pokemon naranja.i have seen on the web that the manufacturer of the game serg!o has release 6 betas.
    i know that pokemon naranja is a no complete game but i saw somewhere in the web that many betas have comeout for this game.in the first beta you stuck in the 1rst gym and you can't go on further?which is the best-most complete beta for naranja?
    also all the catridges of pokemon naranja are for beta 1?what about your naranja?you have been stuck somewhere?also about lugias ocean and shiny gold you have been stuck somewhere?
    sorry for my so many questions,i would really appreciate if you could help me.
    i see that this is the last packet of him but i don't wanna spend my money if really doesn't deserve it :P
    best wishes! :)

    the set is this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pokemon-SHINY-GOLD-NARANJA-LUGIAS-OCEAN-VERSION-For-GBA-DS-NEW-29-99-/130926878797?pt=UK_PC_Video_Games_Video_Games_JS&hash=item1e7bd9a04d
    Hey do you still want my shiny careful virizion and the other shiny I've held for you, I still want to trade with you for your shinies I remember one of them is Ho oh message me when you get back so we can make an official trade date thanks
    Hey, I would be interested in your shinys (esp jirachi). I tried to pm you but your inbox was full...
    Let me know if there is anything in your sig that takes your fancy :)
    nope it's hacked dude. all shiny channel jirachis are hacks. they proved it through rng reasearch. i tried uploading one i had to pokecheck and i got the hack error.
    What shinies other than celebi and jirachi do you have left from gen3 don't know why but I just go : O when I get one I love those things :)
    Okay then I'm gonna have to skip on that jirachi because I recently learned that they can't LEGITIMATELY be shiny could I get a list of what other shinies you have left?
    Possibly Thursday (since its almost Wednesday here like in 10 minutes) then its technically tomorrow that I can trade and also can I get all the info on the shiny jirachi please is it WISHMKR what nature as well that's all I need to know as well as where is says it was caught at
    my bad shiny careful virizion, and shiny timid latias i can't trade gen4 today because stupid me left my DS case with platinum at home
    ahh great i can't do the 4th gen part today only trading to you the 2 shines timid virizion, and someone else i will go check
    Your innbox is full, so I will be here the next two hours. so try to conntact me within thoose hours. :)
    You never answered do you want the shiny virizon and the other shiny I have set aside for you for your shiny HO oh and shiny jirachi is the jirachi named JIRACHI?
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