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  • Hello their, i was wondering if youd be able to to me a massive favour. This favour would be nicknaming some of the pokemon you traded me.
    Hey I got 2 shiny fossils (Aerodactyl and Lileep) for you and I can also breed some other shiny.
    Pm me what could you offer for them and when could we possibly trade. :)
    Hi help are you still interested in a trade and for me to help transfer your pokemon or did someone already transfer for you?
    Hello I noticed you have a shiny lugia for trade and was wondering if you would trade lugia for shiny giratina
    Hi,I guess I probably have 1 legit DW Arceus for trade from the popularity poll.

    I saw your offer in the Event thread however I would like to know if maybe you have a Tri-attack Togetic/Togekiss in 4th gen.
    I know that some people got them from XD after succesful purifying the Togepi which was there.
    Sadly I don't own Pokemon XD so I am looking for a male one to breed myself a shiny Togepi with that egg move.

    If you don't have it then pm me what can you exactly offer for the Arceus and if you only offer the listed pokemon or maybe you got some new ones which you could trade.

    Ps.You got your Message box full. ^^
    Your PM box was full.

    Are you still up for cloning? I think I might've missed you last night. If you are, I will be available tomorrow.
    Also, I think I forgot this too. I clone with Action Replay, so any items are copied along with the Pokemon. So, I'd recommend attaching something like Leftovers or Masterballs to them.
    can i transfer the pokemon for you today i am getting all figity because i have the latias and virizion all set for you
    Can we do the transfer trade tomorrow squeegie REALLY wants that shiny swablu please PM me when you see this thanks :)
    When are you free for me to help you transfer your pokemon on gen 4 to gen 5 I am free I think tomorrow and possibly next Tuesday
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