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    Attacks meaning both? So would you like to leave your 3-mover?
    Was that for me?

    And btw, I don't remember correctly, but can't you use only one 3-mover in the entire match?
    Hey hen, Do you have room on your plate for another match? I just put one in the queue. It's a 2v2, so hopefully it wont go on as long as the last one. If you don't want to take it, thats cool too.
    Ah, ok. I was wondering because I couldn't quite figure out if it was just illegal or if it was the wording. Thanks though, haha.
    It's not exactly the same plan though. I was trying to say something like this:

    Hydro Pump then Ice Fang
    If he hits you while using Ice Fang, use Protect and follow with ice Fang
    If he hits you after Ice Fang, use Protect instead of Hydro Pump
    [My parents.......they hate to spend for me, I get nothing at at all. To get my DS and three games, I had to work.]

    Am I allowed to use hydro pump as a small spurt of water?
    Because i recently got myself a DS around7-8 months back and the 3DS is quiet costly here.....>.<

    Nice :D
    And btw the orders I just gave, those are legit right? I can say if [so-and-so happens] switch the order of moves to this? Val thinks it's a 3-mover, but always using 2 moves in a different order isn't one, right? Idk just a bit confused is all.
    Hey hen, if I use water pulse with the wave option, can I make it so that it collects dirt and rocks from the ground and hits him as a muddy water by the time it gets to him?
    Thanks, man. As far as the poison goes, the way i saw it was literally a hair below half, which technically counts as mostly gone because yay technicalities! Don't really have a reason for ice, but tbh I wrote that up when my match with Matoro started because I wanted to be able to just get right to it when it ended. It's been sitting in a save file on my computer for 2-3 weeks now haha

    Edit: remembered why ice wasnt affected. Yay ice type.
    Ohh well you are quiet quick for sure. I mean you are really the best outta the three refs that have been around my matches...:D
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