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  • Now problem. I'm going to restart soon, as a Redgaurd. It has the skills I need/like (One Handed, Archery, Destruction, Block and Smithing).
    In the Companions living courters, you can find one on a plate where you first meet Kodlak (the leader). You'll have to steal it. I know there're other places, but you'll have to look for them on the internet.
    Hello skyrim friend. How are you? 1 additonal thing on the chest in Dawnstar: Go to the cat people outside Dawnstar (if they aren't there, wait a few days). Go to the seller of the cat people. DO NOT TALK TO HER/HIM. Wait 48 hours, and then talk to them. Ask what they have for sale. Then go to the invisible chest. It'll have restocked with new stuff.
    I would love to...except I just got off the laptop and on my 3DS and my mom is using the laptop for work...next time, though...
    Hey, can we do PO now...I'll use my NU team...just meet me on the Groudon's Grotto server...don't reply...just meet me there ASAP!!! thnx!
    Awesome! I do hope that I get a 3ds xl for my birthday, but I would have to wait until after my birthday to get it (my birthday is in july, and it doesn't come out in the us until august.) I tried playing on my cousins 3ds, but it felt small and gave my hand cramps (i have big hands for my age). Good luck on getting your 3ds. And my cousin has the a similar problem with his dsi's touch screen. Sometimes it will work once or twice, but other times it won't work at all.
    Sweettt! I'm the same age. I'm kinda spoiled too, just not with electronics because my parents think they're bad for my eyes or something. My DS is kinda broken, but I can still play on it. You have to press the A button hard for it to work, and my screen doesn't stay up. It always like flops forward or back, which is rather annoying. Good luck with getting a 3DS XL for your birthday! I'm going to try to ask for a 3DS from my aunt and uncle sometime as well!
    That's cool, how old are you? I'm actually 14. It might be crazy for a teenager to love pokémon, but my whole life is crazy, so I don't care. Reading your comment, it reminded me of how spoiled I am (even though I don't act like it very much)! I got a ds whenever the light version came out. In the end, I had about 3 because I had always broken them or lost them. I haven't been able to own a dsi or 3ds or any form of de for about 2 or 3 years. The only way I can play black version is if I use my sisters or my cousins ds, but hopefully I can get a 3ds xl for my birthday this year!
    I grew up with Hoenn too!!! We're probably around the same age! Diamond was the first video game I've ever owned just because my parents wouldn't let me get a Gameboy or a DS for a long time. In the end, the only reason I got a DS was because of my aunt and uncle.
    Oh, they all look so similar. My favorite region is Hoenn, I grew up with it! I got my sapphire version for my sixth birthday, and that was the game that ultimately got me interested in pokemon. Sapphire is also the first video game I ever owned.
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