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  • Exactly! I always wanted to say something like that to the person who came up with that quote.
    Some of us might not do that if Pokemon were real, because then they would have feelings.
    But they don't, not in a video game.
    I use uber Pokémon, I calculate stat values, I use cheat devices, I breed my way to perfection and I care about natures. I don't catch my Pokémon the way they are and I don't treat them like individuals, because they are brainless drones, snippets of data that have no feelings and don't mind being "abused". If you agree with this philosophy, good for you. - HERLS

    Aww. You removed the bit "don't you dare turn this into a chain signature". Made it funnier.
    I appreciate the thought, but today isn't actually my birthday. I put a random month and day into the column during sign-up to retain anonymity.
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