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  • Hi I have a pidgey if your interested, all I require is all of your legendarys muhahhahahah....I'm only joking you can have it for free :)
    I just noticed you gave me a shiny Gastly! Wow, I'm extremely happy, thanks! You see, this is actually the first time I can play Pokemon on a console, I was an ever-emulator player... Now I can say I have a shiny Gastly in my pocket, jajaja! Thank you!
    Jajajaa! Thanks, you're very kind =). I'm waiting inside!

    Where would you say I should read to try to understand the EV, IV and all those stuff? I'm an absolute noob concerning that, and I'd like to maybe someday, participate on a WiFi Tournament! What should I read first? Thanks again!
    For dex! I assume a full blown awesome Gastly costs a lot more, jajaja! I'd really like to get into battles and stuff, but that will have to wait... I'm entering WiFi! If you happen to have Gastly, as I said, it would be so cool... thanks once again!
    Yup, you can give me anything.
    My FC is on my sign.
    Do you want to use the Gastly for battle as well or only for dex?
    Thanks, you rock! =) My FC is 1679 2410 6798... Since this is a giveaway, I can give you pretty much anything, isn't it? I don't have lots of fancy pokemons... =(

    What's your FC? And another question... do you have Gastly, any kind of it, just a regular one? It's one of my favourite pokemon from 1st gen and I'd like to have it in my pokedex! Thanks!
    I'm sorry, I had to travel and wasn't at home. Do you still have it? I'll be available at 10 pm ET, most likely... let me know! Thanks!
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