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  • Grizzlog, Day 2630: Ye olde forume has been updated, yet still no sign of Hero; I shall continue my searching of piss-soaked alleyways anon.
    Hello. I saw your topics in the Christian debate, about how you can live in bliss if you know your loved ones are suffering in hell; I like your opinions. You think these things through, doncha? I got curious and posted, but no one responded to me yet. But I just thought I'd tell you that.
    Oh, they're still around. I think a lot of them just might be spooked by something right now. They'll be out eventually.
    I think he left because he was moving and going back to school, actually. Oh, and he became addicted to World of Warcraft. Profesco is still being soft-spoken and subtle, except he can be insulting with it instead of always nice, instead.

    And there aren't any new Misc. mods, unless I somehow missed them. I forgot to mention that Babylon changed his name to Ethan.
    That's what I was thinking. I think there were a couple of other new morons around, but they weren't being as loud about it.

    Let's see... Josh left, and Profesco snapped a little and now hates people. Also, the picture thread was magnificently closed and reborn at least three times thanks to Shisshioken. Also, there's an e-war between Kit Kat and Katya Ivanova and other people. I think that's most of it.
    He sure seems serious about everything he's saying. But he also mentioned Him in the Court and has only been here a couple of days, so I'm not completely sure where he's coming from.
    I'm willing to accept that the powers that be were high as an explanation, yes. And I was this close to making your profile into my personal livejournal page (except not gay).
    I find it both extremely suspicious and highly erotic that you were away for exactly five months. Care to elaborate?
    I don't think there will ever be a time when it isn't full of retards.
    You know, I don't think we ever had that me-getting-unbanned celebratory gangbang. What's up with that?
    Poor GrizzlyB. We have a topic about how Misc. need improvement then Grizzly and Cipher get banned. :[

    Irony is delicious.
    Oh yeah, you sweet talker.

    Lol, liked your recent post in the Misc. polls. Good stuff.
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