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Hey Micky!
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  • Well, I'm biased, and you have to remain unbiased so yes. Megainium was my first pokemon (like Chickorita was my first but I used this is battle. XP)

    What was your first pokemon.
    Thanks, my mom's a nurse so I just heard a bunch of her work and decided that people need others for help, so I just wanted to be one Not to mention those GREAT perks.

    My Meganium is so bad. :'(

    I can't find a good moveset for it, at all. I was going to use a move tutor thing, but those shards are trying to put me 6 feet under. Meh, I'll just go with

    Leech Seed
    Grass Knot/Energy Ball

    Not really the best moveset, :-
    Heracross is OU, that just adds the icing to his awesome cake.

    Ghost and fighting is pretty good. However i find it only working with Medicham. And that's all i see it in. Speaking of which it's a good pokemon, though a glass cannon.
    Dark + Fighting IS all-around coverage. Kinda Like Dragon/Fire/Ground. And Electric/ Ice/Fire/Ground.

    Sucker punch is a great addition, but I feel that that's one of the only few viable options, for attack of course.
    Yes, now if we can make the typing something else....i feel bad for it, Dark type moves are very limited, if it was a better typing it would be better.
    I enoyed Absol. To bad it's a pokemon with limited options, it has a high attack but the wrong pool. And somewhat wrong stats too if want the move-pool to match.

    It has a great fan following though. But most of the famous yet limited pokemon do.
    Also those gangstas accent.

    ""Wazzup Homey G. Ain't gonna do nothing"

    Ufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufuf (annoyed)

    It sucks just way too much. i think of our lack of education, and how the system epically fails.
    I know, those texan ones make me wanna kill myself. Those western accents, and those southern ones. Here was have. like, those, like, really, like, annoying valley girls? That end everything as if it as a question?
    The latter, England wasn't that stormy..it was cold. Florence however was a tsunami. It was horrible, I got soaked. I liked England....except the accents.
    I live in the Suburb of San Fransico, and went to London. San Fransisco has rain on occasion now, but every ten years we get soaked due to the Pinapple Blast. A series of storms that are caused from pressure in Hawaii.

    But It's like England...
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