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Hey Micky!
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  • I went to London, Wales, Stonhendge, London, and Straford-Up-Avon. I haven't heard Scoruge, yet. And by your wording not interested. XD

    I hear you on that. California, ftw. North Dakota. Hahahahahah-no. I'm some places America can perefectly function. Others...not so much.
    Same here, I love America, but not it's choices. The weather is mostly great. But America has to shape up. Leading others into recessions is not the way to get new friends. XD
    England, COOL!

    Yeah, we never get snow in San Fransico. :(
    It's always a drenched water. It's muddy....ugh. It's like our very own personal hurricane.

    Lucky, I went to school. I had to SWIM.
    Yes. My Pidgey swept that first gym, no I started with Charmander so metal claw work its magic. But I also had Squirtle and Bulbasaur. So It's all good.

    Yes, it is pretty retarded. My friend gave it too me for my birthday, I think I may slap him now, here's a moveset for Ledian:

    Silver Wind
    Double Edge
    Arieal Ace
    Bug buzz

    Hmm...it's not that good at all. I think that whoever made this book should be your rebellious student. XD

    How's the weather where your at, it's poring here in San Fransico...
    Really...hmm...cool. I always didn't like the move though. I just use smart typing, Or Psychic types in first generation

    Friend request time.
    But it's not that good. Farfetch'd doesn't have same move thing, cause it's not that good. :(

    Sand Attack is very suckish and not useful...at all.
    I know, I pratically died laughing.

    Here's Farfetch'd:

    Air slash...a special move.
    Facade...It's okay..but not for Farfetch'd
    Sand Attack...Rotfl
    Steel Wing. :'(

    Wow! What DID Farfetch'd do.
    Ampharos I feel bad for. I use it on ocaasion. (I'm insane) It's pretty good on ocaasion. According to a book I have a good moveset for Ampharos is:

    Giga Impact (Whut with it's low speed)
    Power Gem
    I just hate its battling skills, but from your prespective I guess it is. :)

    Pokemon that suck but not intentionally are a bit more irritating
    Can you give some examples?
    At least it's not Luvdisc. That pokemon is a FAIL and there's nothing we can do about it.
    Luvdisc is so bad. Game Freak must've played truth or dare, or were all drunk and smashed.
    How are you today?

    I loved your Tropius PotW. IT's really interesting how well you make things like this you must really care.

    And to answer your future question...I am sober at the moment.
    Well, no, but if it means saving money than it is a good thing. (Hence why I said "sometimes" lol)

    Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day. :D
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