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Hey Micky!
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  • Hello ^_^ I'm palamon how are you Nice user name Profile picture and Avatar ^_^ I hope I will get to know you around here. ^_^ Based on your user name I'm guessing you like Fire type Pokemon right?
    I wasn't trying to sound creepy. lol Oh welllll....

    But I don't have a big plushie collection here with me at school. :( I only have 5 Pokemon plushies in my dorm room. The rest are at home. lol
    Yeah, you look pretty good. :p

    I recently posted a few pictures of me in the Picture Thread. If you're interested. lol (that sounds creepy)
    Yeah, I feel the same. It's mainly the memorizing dates that gets me too.

    Btw, is your Profile Picture an actual picture of you? ;) lol
    Oh, really your that lazy? I doubt it, as I could never do something weekly. As I often loose consistancey.

    An essay a week...never...that would suck...

    How are you today?
    Yes, so how long do those PotW things take? And I noticed that in that sense, you do a lot of work for him and you still aren't friends with serebii?
    I'm not a Pokedex freak either. It's just not me. I don't have the paitence or the caring.

    I really like your Cherrim too, I was raising one and then I stopped cause I didn't know what to do with it. But now She + Slaking make a killer combo.
    Oh, that sucks. I just catch and level certian pokemon.

    And I saw your Kingdra, pretty damn good. I love the whole 100th nothing special thing.
    Willowwhisp, your analysis of Kingdra today was great! Ahaha, you gave me a few good laughs with it, in fact. ^_^;

    So, hehe, nice work. XP
    Yes, for me I could never find a Spearow...and when I did it died. The Spearow I caught was shiny....and I traded it away. ^.^;
    (I thought Farfetch'd was that great.)

    That's good, she can help you out with your problem right...

    So are you feeling better today?
    Yes, I too have a soft spot for Farfectched. I tried so hard to get one in FR/LG. And I thought I could catch one in the wild...naiveity. But I'm psyched that they had a baby boom so I can now catch them in D/P.

    So I told SapphireL that your sad. She seems to care for you, so maybe it thought it would be best for her trying to help you out. I'm sorry if this makes you angry. She helps me out all the time.
    Ohh.. I'm sorry. If you need something (That can be acheived via online or something) you can ask me. I'm sorry. I hope things get better.

    So why do you like Farfetched?
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