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Hey Micky!
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  • Here
    Speaking of Skymin, what tier is it in? I know people were using it in OU.... but don't some people think it's uber?
    Yeah, some of those sets are interesting. Not to mention the Anti-Lead Infernape, Focus Sash Aerodactyl, Anti-Lead Machamp, etc.

    And I was reading the Tier guide you wrote, and you said that Garchomp was OU. :/ I know you wrote it before it was placed in the Uber tier.... but still...
    Yeah, yours definitely has more of a "beginner feel", but not in a bad way. It's reliable, and makes sense.

    However, it seems that certain Pokemon sets are changing. :/
    Yeah, I know what you mean. I went a while without playing it too. :/ ....and maybe I won't train any more Pokemon...

    I might not get Platinum, but I do like some of the MT moves... :X
    Yeah.... that's a very good point. There's no point if you're not going to use it... :/ I actually managed to get a Timid Azelf, though. ._.

    ......I also managed to soft reset for a Bold Cresselia. o_O; And I just happened to get a Modest Mesprit on the first try catching it. :X

    Do you think you're going to get Platinum?
    PBR isn't that great. :/

    But it doesn't make much sense about the Nature thing. I went to get Darkrai from Toys R Us, but I was able to reset for a good Nature... That should've happened with Pikachu too...
    I wish the Surfing Pikachu from PBR didn't have a set Nature. :( I wish you could soft reset for a better Nature... >__>
    Yeah... that would've been cool. Or at least having the Stick double her Attack (and Speed maybe).

    And yes, I said her!
    lol... Yeah, true. That sounds kind of weird, though. :p

    I made up an evolution for Farfetch'd. I suppose I should scan it on and show you.
    Yeah? I can see where you're coming from. However, I like dinosaurs. I always have. :( Even when I was little.

    But anyways, I still think they all look very neutral to me. I can very very easily see male and female Vileplumes, Cherrims, Tyranitars, etc.

    Btw, what was the reason for a Farfetch'd POTW? Isn't Farfetch'd your favorite Pokemon? :p
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