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Hey Micky!
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  • No, not to annoy people. Just to make them consider that there are female Pokemon too. Actually, the numbers of male and female Pokemon are probably very equal. lol... Someone once gave me a hard time for referring to Tyranitar as "she".... ._.; Even though I have a lv.100 female Tyranitar.... and Tyranitar is 50/50 male/female...

    Yeah, I guess you have a point though. There are some Pokemon who look more-so feminine than masculine, and vise versa.... but that's just by human standards. :p They don't necessarily apply to Pokemon world. lol

    I dunno. A vast majority look pretty damn neutral to me when it comes to gender.
    You'd have to answer to my female lv.100 Curselax then. lol... jk

    And imo, Metagross (and all the genderless Pokemon) look very neutral to me in terms of gender. I just say "she" sometimes because I get sick of seeing people call them "he".
    Well, that's good for you then. lol

    But you also do a good job writing them out. I would imagine that writing guides for OU Pokemon wouldn't be that difficult, but whatever. Interesting.

    One thing that I like about the way you write the POTW is you leave the genders of the Pokemon ambiguous, using "it" and "its". I get tired of reading Smogon articles that refer to every Pokemon not named Blissey, Cresselia, Miltank, Espeon, and Rapidash, as male and male only. >_> Even genderless Pokemon... Even Pokemon that are 50/50 male/female. I dunno. I just get bothered by that. That's why I sometimes say "she" when I refer to genderless Pokemon... >_>;
    You're probably not the most inactive.... lol You're doing the POTW, right? That's not being inactive.

    I'm okay. I just got home from college a few days ago, so it's nice not having any homework or anything!
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