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  • Congrats on the Treecko, it's great that you've gotten it after so long! I hope your poocheyna reclaim hunt goes much much quicker.
    Congrats! That's awesome that you finally got it! Getting all those annoying Pooches has finally paid off :) And it's always refreshing to see someone persevere through a long hunt and finally reap the rewards of their effort. What a way to close out the trio! Hoping the remainder of your BQ is smooth sailing, since I'd say you've paid any dues with this hunt already.

    And I hope you can find your LG someday =\ Especially that Eevee and Charizard, I'd be devastated to lose those shinies. But hopefully it's kicking around somewhere and one day you'll get a huge happy surprise when you find it :)
    Hey there HGaddict! I figured you'd like a little message from me, so here it is! :D
    I can't believe it's been already near a year since I last cheered you for your BQ hunts. But didn't you kinda disappear one day and didn't come back for a while ? Well, if anything, I'm the one to blame for not asking you where you've been! Sorry about that... ^^'

    Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you personally on that awesome, glorious, sparkling SHINY TREECKO of yours! :D I'm soooo happy for you right now, you cannot imagine! When I saw that on the thread, I giggled just to imagine what your reaction must've been! xD Careful isn't a great nature, to be completely honest with you. But who really cares ? :p
    I'll be frank with you, but seeing your Treecko like that kinda saddened me... I'm going through a Sapphire Nuzlocke at the moment and I lost my starter Grovyle this morning to Norman's Slaking... *sigh* Poor Randall, I loved him so much! D':

    I'm sorry to hear that your FireRed (or was it LeafGreen) game cart is missing! I remember when you got that shiny Eevee. I was so happy you took my idea and hunted this cute Pokémon. I felt honored, in some way! I hope you reclaim it soon. It must suck to lose such awesome shinies!

    Well, there isn't much to say, other than that I'm very happy to see you around more often on the thread and hope that your get more shinies in a near future! :D
    Hey, congraaaaats on the awesome shiny Treecko! I'm delighted for you that it finally appeared, it must've been a pain along with those silly old USPs.

    Good luck on the Pooch reclaim, hopefully it turns out a lot quicker than your Treecko!
    Heya, HG!

    I just wanted to wish you luck with that awful Treecko. I'm sorry it's taking so long to appear. And those shiny Pooches are just the icky icing on the bitter cake. Fingers crossed it appears for you soon!

    Some hunts can be really awful, so just hang in there, you're doing a great job under the circumstances.
    Aaaah, well I'm glad you liked it! :D
    I actually have a feeling that Eevee won't take too long. If you were asking me which one would come first, I would probably answer Eevee. And I predict that, once it will arrive, it will be more like a defense Pokémon in the offense.
    I noticed that you were hunting on 4 different targets. I don't know how you do it but if I were you, I would start by one. I think working hard on only one at the same time (or two, it's still pretty easy) will pay off more. But that's just my opinion.
    Good luck! I'm also happy to see that you're far from giving up, and it's with that attitude that the four of them will come (in a single time)!
    Hi there HGaddict!
    Mh, I just came by here because I wanted to tell you this; don't give up on your shiny hunts, I'm sure something's coming soon!
    And if this doesn't help you, well... I guess you just need to think of how proud you'll be to get at least one of them. I'm pretty sure you know that giving up isn't a good choice!
    I also want you to see that I'm "with you" all the way, that even if it makes now 2 months that you got nothing, I'll still be cheering you on on those Badge Quests. I know how sometimes this can be difficult and mind draining...
    Well... that's about it. Good luck, I give you all mine!
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