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  • Yeah i dont even use them pokes i knew i was gunna lose in the beginning cause there clearly not EV train but GG i supose
    lol machamp was the only OU i had on there, and he didnt even do all that much in the battle except that one bit of confusion hax, but it wouldnt have mattered if you had set up stealth rocks or earthquaked with donphan because my porygon 2 was defense bulky. which OU did you bring?
    Hey, I'm just wondering, why were you banned? You don't have to answer if you don't feel comfortable telling me... I'm just wondering.
    I can try an breed a timid misdreavus but I'm breeding lots of others right now, so it might take time, and I was wondering if you had any of the pokemon in my sig, because I need those more than the manectric... If you don't I guess I'll go with the manectric..
    Oh sorry, it shows up as full bars. But, on occasion this bizzare thing happens were it will just drop. No reason, it goes from being a strong signal to none. It doesn't happen often, but that could be it.EDIT: I don't mean to offend, because you battle in UU more then me so, you do know the tier. But, I'm looking at Smogon and it says that Rhyperior and Shuckle aren't OU. It says that Rhyperior is considered UU, but is occasionly used in OU. I'm probably wrong, I use him in OU all the time so that's probably what he is. I just thought I'd say this.
    Yes, next time. Please just inform me if your going to not use certain clauses. Like I said, I don't care, I just like to know.
    I have full bars, I'm actually right next to my internet box. Haha. Also, I just thought I'd tell you this, before we disconnected, you broke the sleep clause, but I don't care.
    Is it possible to due OU? If it isn't that's fine, you just have to let me make a few switches to my team.
    See, I actually didn't get to do what I wanted. xD Claydol actually is a suicide lead for Rhyperior, except your surf OHKO'd me
    And now I see the message. And actually, I do have rain dance on Ludicolo, I just wasn't smart enough to use it. xD; Plus I was trying to set subseed up with him, and as you see, it didn't quite work out.
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