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  • ok what about the est for the shiny hp ice pichu? and is there anyhting else i can interest you in for the korean dw turtwig?
    Hey, I'm still interested in your AAA Pikachu, Mikena Pichu and Pikachu Cafe Electivire.
    I have multiple NoK Events and some Events that you don't have in my shop. Take a look please!
    Looking for:
    Korean Cinema Celebi
    Korean Dreamworld Squirtle
    Korean Dreamworld Charmander
    Korean Dreamworld Bulbasaur
    Korean Dreamworld Croagunk
    E-Card Mareep
    E-Card Scizor
    E-Card Togepi

    Korean Dragonspiral Zekrom
    Pikacafe Electrivire
    Korean DW Careful Glaceon(OT:Riro)
    Korean DW Hardy Leafeon
    Korean DW Rash Flareon
    Korean DW Bold Jolteon
    Korean Adamant Scraggy event
    Korean DW Relaxed Mamoswime(Non-redis by request)
    Korean DW Lax Piplup. (Not in Dream ball)
    Korean DW Jolly Chimchar(Not in Dream ball)
    Korean Dreamworld Modest Chimchar
    Korean DW Rash Turtwig (Not in Dream ball)
    Korean DW Gentle Turtwig
    Korean Jolly Mikena Pichu
    Korean Crown Raikou
    Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi
    Shiny CHANNEL Jirachi
    Shiny Pokepark Mew
    Flawless HP Ice Shiny Pichu w/ wish, Endure, Volt tackle and Lightning Rod ability.

    As well as many others, found in my shop.
    I have the 3 E-Card Events and I want your Korea Pikachu Cafe Electivire, Korea Crown Raikou and Korea Mikena Pichu.
    let me know when you're available to trade today, mamoswine for turtwig and which EST you wuld like for the timid shiny pichu hp ice 70
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