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Hidden Power
Jan 20, 2012
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Hidden Power

Well-Known Member

    1. Tonguetyd
      At the moment I'm seeking:
      1. Opinions on the actual Pokemon.
      2. Opinions on which Pokemon are to be considered "inanimate".
      3. Opinions of the accuracy and general quality of the list.
    2. KamenAeons
      Best. Avatar and Sig. Ever!
    3. MuhFugginMoose
      Well, that's not what I was trying to imply at all. We all know they'll add more Megas. I was talking about why they don't have MEs for ALL Pokemon.

      Besides, that would thus exclude the addition of Cross-Gen Pokes later down the line.
    4. Ditto B1tch
      Ditto B1tch
      Hi, Hidden Power!

      Nice signature.

      Did you draw it?
    5. Hidden_Power
      No one, except me.
    6. Hidden_Power
      So you're also Hidden Power fan?

    7. Moonrox
      I'd continue, but you keep coming up with points to counter mine. Just, nevermind. I'm sorry. I'm not saying I'm wrong or you're right, I'm just saying this is going no where, and obviously wasting your time as you've already written 3 paragraphs.
    8. Moonrox
      You're putting words in my mouth. I didn't say that all you have are complaints, I said all you seem to have is complaints, because I haven't seen one positive thing about GF come out of you.
      I'm not happy with everything GF has done, but I'm not constantly dishing out negative opinions on them. I do respect your opinion, but I disagree with it. I'm not expecting you to have a positive opinion on everything they've done, but I'm expecting you to do more than just complain. You must have a positive opinion on GF, but you haven't shared a single one to my knowledge, it's been nothing but complaints from you.
    9. Moonrox
      As I seem to keep repeating myself... Why can't you just be happy? We have the Pokemon games, and there's not much to complain about, but you just keep complaining about how GF should've done this or that, and it really is inconsiderate. They put a lot of work into the Pokemon games, and all you seem to have for them is complaints.
    10. Moonrox
      There's a fine line between debatable and blatantly ignorant.
    11. Moonrox
      Even if I have said things to other people (I can't seem to find what you're talking about), that has zero relevance to you being ungrateful towards GF. Nobody's told you that you're being rude because everyone's afraid of you criticizing them. I don't really care what you're arguing against me, because either way, you're being ungrateful, and it's rude.
    12. Moonrox
      I never said that, at all. I said you need to stop criticizing everything GF does. It's rude. You don't appreciate anything they do, it seems, because everything you say about GF is negative.
    13. randomspot555
      By the way, it hasn't been 'decades' of backward compatibility;
      And what I actually said:

      ...losing almost a decades worth of Pokemon game compatibility
    14. Eternalserenity
      Nope. As far as Serebiiforums goes, 1-4th gen sprites move; 5th gen sprites don't. Alternative sprites must be linked offsite. As unfortunate as that is, it is what it is.
    15. Eternalserenity
      I banned one user from my trade shop for being a pompous jerk to other people.
      On topic, the mods in charge probably aren't going to upgrade the 5th gen sprites. The real reason isn't bandwidth, but that there isn't much of a purpose for the smilies themselves outside of signatures and maybe trade shops.
      The nonmoving sprites bug me a little, too.
    16. Eternalserenity
      Just thought I'd fill you in. There are some users with an attitude of superiority around here. They like to act as though they hold some sort of authority and inside knowledge, when in reality they just come off as people who like to force their opinions on others. The Serebiiforums Suggestion Thread and the Nintendo and Other Video Game Discussion boards are full of such people.
    17. Nutter t.KK
      Nutter t.KK
      About the Spam bot in GPD. I sorted it out as soon as I got online. It posted and Reported while I was asleep. (It posted 5 AM GMT which is my local time.) Chances are the all GPD Mods were offline for the last 8 hours. We don't try schedule out lives so we can cover the site 24/7.
    18. Räven Velish
      Räven Velish
      Hai!!!!!! Wanna be friends? :3 I'm shocked you have none yet.
    19. LadyTriox
      Hi!^^ Wanna be friends? :)
    20. randomspot555
      Saw your post on someone else's VM. Short answer: Some events are still done in-store, some are done Wi-Fi, and some are done over Global Link/Dream World.

      Last US in-store event was (I think) the Axew/Grass Monkey/Pidove egg distribution.

      Next US Wi-fi event is Darkrai, which was previously distributed in Europe and Japan. That starts may 9.

      In-store/real location events are more common in Japan because many events are essentially cultural or local celebrations.
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