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Recent content by High Commander Solomon

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    Would you mind if Iris had no goal?

    You have won the topic.
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    How many rosters have gyms leaders got?

    Yeah, and by the time you see them you're already the champion of the whole region. Endgame content like that probably isn't canon.
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    Biggest WTF Moment in the Anime

    It's still James' inflatable chest. That came out of freaking nowhere.
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    Why are Dawn's Pokemon so underdeveloped?

    Well, I think we all hated Squirtle, and Skitty grated at times, but at least they all got their time in the spotlight and their quirks. Dawn frankly hasn't been so lucky, even with no evolutions (although the fact that none seem in the cards at all makes her look a little week).
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    Misty's Psyduck

    Guys, stop telling Cybercubed he can't talk and then responding to his points. You can't cheat like that for the last word and you just make it worse. I mean, frankly I think we should never discuss Misty on the boards ever again, but since that's not going to work, accept that you're biased...
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    How many rosters have gyms leaders got?

    They're not required to keep their gyms from being anything other than complete rubble (Blaine), free badges go unpunished (Volkner), turning challengers into inanimate dolls is allowed...but they're required by law to give a fair chance to some random Charmander trainer? Doesn't compute. The...
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    do you think the "little" legendary Pokémon can beat the larger legendaries?

    Depends on too much. If the minor legendaries can be faced down by a well-trained Charizard it's not out of the question, but how often do these guys fight? They may not know how to press any advantages they have. Heck, the ones that do probably haven't challenged anything on their own level...
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    How many rosters have gyms leaders got?

    Gym leaders have no reliable way of figuring out how strong a trainer is before facing them. In all likelihood there's some form of this, but if we assume they need to win as often as possible (excluding possible factors such as being expected to teach or the kind of completely unpunished...
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    Now that some time has passed, was Ash getting a (SPOILER) worth it?

    Might evolve in a filler arc, might have some sort of relevance against Cynthia. Undecided.
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    Do you think Dawn and Misty will ever meet?

    For what reason? They wouldn't be together long enough to develop a dynamic in all likelihood, which would make it pointless. Just one blast-away-team-rocket at best.
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    If you and your Pokémon appeared in the anime...

    Noone would know, because I would be taking a long nap.
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    Favorite Girl.

    I sense the coming of the apocalypse. Or an early locking.
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    Alright, I know this is a really weird question, but...*SPOILERS*

    In lieu of a readily understandable pun (because Magnemite is genderless), Violet.
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    The NFL Club '08

    Wow, the Giants are in big trouble now. Burress is a bit overrated, but his ability to draw the attention of defenders is huge for them.