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  • Hopefully; I've been needing methods to keep busy since I feel empty while ever I'm not doing something. :/
    Of course it will; no need to worry. ^^
    I know, I totally can't WAIT! I have so much to write about... I was also hoping to file in some reviews for Don't Starve, a game I've been playing heaps these days.

    Aww, well hope your "chilling" session goes well.
    Sorry it's late, I've been writing HEAPS! I got awesome ideas too; luckily enough for me, the break is coming up, so I can actually "detach" from the world and just write to my heart's content. Beautiful, really. :')

    I aim to finish my Don't Starve fic and start the sequel (awkward, since I have the sequel all planned out, but the current one I'm writing, I'm just going along. building UP to the sequel. XDD) and I have a Dead Space fanfic idea too. It's only vague, so I'll have to expand on it. >U<

    What's up with you?
    It's hilarious. XD Sheldon... Sheldon reminds me that people who ACT clever are just complete tools. Especially people who are, like, majoring in something they think is so great, yet they don't know anything else and have to call everything else "worthless" or "a waste of time" in order to seem awesome/smart/clever. It's really funny. XDD

    REMEMBER, WIL! ouo
    Oh that's great!
    Ever watched Big Bang Theory? That's good as well; I don't like much TV, but I do like that.
    Skype's still being a little b*tch... ;-;
    Have no access to Skype right now (updates and all that crap - could take till tomorrow since this PC is so slow), so thought I'd say hello here instead; how are you doing, my good friend? ^.^

    It's Himonlee. =P

    Yeah, I've been almost dead here too.
    I am still in Japan though.
    Seriously...each time I check serebii,I get more disappointed.They broke things that were good at pokemon series in a week -__-
    I feel like they think their fans are tards that accept anyhig they throw at the fans.And apparently, they are right!
    Many people actually like fairy types.Which is first off:random.
    Since when did fairies became something general enough to be defined as typing???
    These games look really disappointing :/
    Interesting,what is there to visit?Sorry,but I know pennsylvania is in the US but not much about it XD
    XD But why are you in the US? :0
    Idk if I told you,but I will be in the Caribbean during the first week of August.Dominican Republic to be exact.
    Update yourself then xD You are lucky you are not still getting hanged by the Uni. XDDD I still got a month and a half.
    Yeah I noticed.I don't die cause I mostly study in my computer xD it would be a ocntradiction if I didn't go to the pc being a computer scientist.
    Plus,I am still a gamer XD Probably will forever be.
    Btw,did you see the rumors?Fairy type,really? XD Is there anything more homo than that?
    Hhahahhahah And the winner is... *drums*
    And man,I know how you feel.I have been away cause Uni got me raped.
    I mean really.I have classes from 8:30am to 8:10pm two days per week Dx
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