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  • Sounds good. I'll have to get a cam of my own so I won't have to rely on my moms that she never lets me use anyways. >~>

    Haha, Id be excited as well. :p
    Ugh, yknow when everything just piles up and up and up... and you feel you'll never get ANY of it off your shoulders?? Im.a bit like that right now. :(

    Also, next week I have my Spring break when Thursday ends... then two glorious weeks to do whatever the hell I want. >:3

    Good, I normally charge for Jess-time but you're a special case, lol. xP
    When and where?? I'll be there. :p

    Omg... Wil getting awesome grades because he was paying attention?! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?! xP /jk, jk/
    Its great you're doing awesome - as for no stress, I wish I could say the same... :/

    Id make this longer, but Im in school right now. So buh-bye, that's your Jess time up.. xP
    And the test worked xD She stalked what I typed xD She smells like fish
    Omg,I feel that I am gonna get shot in a bit xD
    oh lol xD I guess it isn't or everyone.I liked,though I kinda miss those sports from Wii Sports xD Maybe it was because I was much younger back then...but It gave me a load of playtime on the Wii.
    I find some minigames boring though.Dk one...ugh >.>
    But I agree in something: nintendoland as a whole,isn't going to make you entrtained alone.You will need something else on the console.My friend got the Mario U one.It was a hilarious time playing co-op xD I like the united map also ^^
    I dunno, sympathy is for the weak... xP I'll think about it, and get back to you whenever I can be bothered to. :p

    Actually, I am much better now. :)

    I'm totally gonna drop in around your parts some time - you won't even know what hit you. ;)
    Oh, and NEVER go and meet Loko like I know you're planning to - he's so dull and boring. xP
    \/ And about meeting a British person(I reeeeallly don't know what you two are talking about but I am gonna interrupt nonetheless xP).
    Don't bother meeting her,she smells xP
    After I got home and played loads of Wii U(Nintendo Land).What is your opinion about the minigames,the solo ones?(Please tell me a rating on all xD Let's see how much we agree on xP)
    I found it entertaining.I love the first one though xD
    I didn't watch the forth...
    then after the gaming session,I did watch Gladiator and after I am Legend,just to finish a day with almost non gaming progress(because I simply ditched mass effect fot a moment xD)
    Well lucky you. XP If it were up to me, you'd be locked in there. XP

    Funny, my mom said kinda the same thing. I dunno though, it just seems so hard to be happy these days... :/

    Ahahaha, that's nice, but you haven't met a REAL British person until you've met me. ;) (Im a douche~ XD)
    Interesting.I did that,but I only read your messge now.Great minds think alike :')
    I went to watch Die Hard xD It is not the best(the first is unbeatable) but still...it is just the fun time I needed xD
    Argh, hopefully you're out of there now!! D;

    Ugh, I feel terribly empty today... so much so I can't even put up any more of a fight... :/
    Hmmm,any suggestions how to get rid of the emptyness feeling? :(
    Because It seems my holidays are giving me too much time to think >.<
    PFFFT-- yeah, I'll say. There's only one Sir. Derp-A-Lot. :p //shot//

    Actually I was laying awake in bed, kinda sad, but I wasn't sleeping.
    uGH Nintendo should burn.
    EShop gives 10% of the price of the bought item as credits to Wii U deluxe owners...now my money will go down to the dumps...
    yeah,gow on 12th and mhtriG on 19th
    Noooooo!!!! >.< Oh well,everybody gotta save sometimes.I still gotta do that,but there are so many good games...my money clme and go in a sec ;A;
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