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  • Aha. I imagine you'll enjoy immersing yourself in some of your anime memories. For now, at least, I find myself in the middle of some unusual yet familiar thoughts. It would appear that my own anime interests have remained fairly constant, reflecting my immersion in political turbulence. The two most recent shows I'm watching to this effect are Red Eye Killer, or Akame ga Kill, and Terror in Resonance. Indeed, global trends appear to be converging on a view that a cross between the Thirty Years' War and World War One is breaking out, starting with Ukraine and the Middle East. We won't have to guess who to credit for that view. For my part, it's enough to convince me that I've come full circle after reading David Goldman's How Civilizations Die about three years ago, in the sense of seeing two factions openly dedicated to their own visions of the end of the world.
    (exhaling) I could consider the past several days, weeks, and even months a steady time for focus and convergence, between my fellow bronies' current movements and a commemoration for World War One. Might I ask how you're doing so far this month?
    Oh I see then. I love reading too, and that's the same with me lol. Like exactly the same thing.
    You do? Alright, the one I'm reading is the closest version to the original. But the book itself is uninteresting, wonder why I haven't decided to give this back to the library yet lol.
    To me it feels boring, the grammar is really old, and the book itself is long. So far I'm around page 335 out of 800+.
    Swiss Family Robinson, it's more than 800 pages long. I plan to finish it by the end of this week.

    So question, are there any artists of PearlShipping artworks, you'd consider very good?
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