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  • Quite good I must say haha
    Spirit revived for Pearl,Travelling and I had a crayfish tonight <3
    And you?

    Oohh,the pearl manga! I have that one :3 I noticed you guys were talking about it.
    Aha. Well, if it's any help, the statements have flown all over the place, and I can recall certain tidbits I picked up when I was younger... as well as more recently. I can also recall the many developments I've been tracking in the past two years, paralleling -- and reinforcing -- my support for the bronies.
    Huh. Quite a whirlwind I currently see... with Nelson Mandela's death. I can welcome the energy that our fellow Pearlshippers are demonstrating, among other things preoccupying my mind this afternoon. Are you doing well?
    Episode N wasn't really that great, Team Rocket started regressing back to being annoying again, they used the wrong version of Team Plasma they were too generic for me in BW2, and Charizard didn't even see Reshiram it was Pikarat that attacked it :/
    Perhaps we won't need to worry, to borrow Dawn's famous phrase. I figured that her and Ash's combined creativity, energy, and innocence made them an excellent contrast to the ruthlessness demonstrated by Team Galactic and Pokémon Hunter J. I was in the process of determining the course of a prospective romantic friendship between Cilan and Iris, as JetshipperKekkaishi described... until that aforementioned convergence, starting in October 2011 and culminating weeks later, involving a certain new cartoon the title of which I was certain would shock the other Pearlshippers and Wishfulshippers once I told them about it.
    (sweatdropping nervously, then clearing throat) Right. You can ask Janovy, 00poke_maniac, and ~Demon Maxwell~ about my scenario, with the characters reflecting its ultimate course. To put it another way, if Penguinshipping looked completely outmatched to me with what I learned in the time period that Pearlshipping unfolded alone, then Amourshipping looks even more so, thanks to the finality in that scenario. If I may ask, do you think Dawn or Serena is more openly feminine, based on what you've learned?
    (chuckling alertly) Funny you should mention Serena. Suffice to say that I'm certain that you weren't the only one with a dropped jaw at the explosion of activity there. My overarching scenario for ending Pokémon in Unova could surprise you even further, further still the convergence that happened a little over two years ago and ended up driving said scenario. As a possible taste, Ash and Dawn make an appearance to stop Teams Rocket and Plasma from basically wiping that region out... and Cilan, Iris, Nate, and Rosa are the ones focusing on freeing Kyurem from Ghetsis' psychopathic plan, which involved obliterating the Skyarrow Bridge and attacking the Driftveil Gym, among other objectives, as I recall. In Serena's case, she'll have had a reason to know Ash before he even became a Pokémon trainer, and here he is, exploring the world with a girl who'll have helped him take down one or two cult(s) of world-ending terrorists and this franchise's most notorious criminal group, seeing the leaders of the last two groups die in the process. You might not have to guess how shocked -- and heartbroken -- Serena could be once she realizes just how far Ash and Dawn have progressed by the end of my scenario.
    Good afternoon, fellow Pearlshipper. I can thoroughly enjoy the invigoration in our thread, among other reflections in my mind for today. Are you doing well in your corner of the world?
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