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  • Well that sucks :/
    I'll happily give you some pokes when ORAS is released - because I have them to give away :)
    So how have you found gen 6 so far?
    Wow,has it really been a year and a half?
    Not much going on over here - quite busy in fact,but recently became part of the Eternian forces guild on the forum.
    How 'bout yourself :)
    [ Thanks, but I'd prefer it next time if you'd answer a PM in another PM... I prefer talking in PMs over talking in VMs in general, because I know some people stalk my VM conversations and I'd rather have privacy.

    Do you like MLP?

    Anyways, I have a few more that I forgot in my last PM, could I show you them? ]
    [ It's fine, I understand, I don't want to push you. I just wanted to tell you how Skype video chats can turn a small internet friendship into the most amazing friendship ever.

    I'll write a PM, you'll get it in a few minutes. ]
    [ Well, I have quite some drawings you haven't seen yet, are you interested? If yes, I'll PM you, it's probably a bit too much for a VM.

    Well, I understand, sorry. I use Skype for Serebii and DeviantArt friends, but only ones I trust enough, I have plenty of Serebii friends who I'd NEVER share my Skype with. But I like Skype video chats, because it makes internet friends feel more like real-life friends. Thanks to Skype, one of my Serebii friends became my BFF. She's the only friend I'd say I love, I'd say I like my other internet friends (I have no real-life friends). She and I are really close friends, thanks to Skype. But I can understand why you prefer to keep it for people you fully trust and know. ]
    [ That's so sad to hear... Is that why she's an ex-friend now? :(

    Do you have Skype? You're not very active on Serebii, so... ]
    Busy busy busy, haha. I barely have any time to play Pokémon Y these days.
    Why hello there! It's been months since i last spoke to you. How's things?
    [ Remember the brackets. xD

    How would you like to add me on the 3DS, for X and Y?

    My friend code is 0602-7392-5137 and I have Y. ]
    [ It's really not that bad... What Pokemon will you draw next?

    I drew Furret yesterday evening, maybe that's a nice challenge for you? ]
    [ Well, now you can see why I fear Besiktas follows the same fate. If players do really, really well, of course they want to go to a bigger competition. And if they really want to go, it's hard to stop them... ]
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