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  • Well that sucks :/
    I'll happily give you some pokes when ORAS is released - because I have them to give away :)
    So how have you found gen 6 so far?
    Wow,has it really been a year and a half?
    Not much going on over here - quite busy in fact,but recently became part of the Eternian forces guild on the forum.
    How 'bout yourself :)
    [ Thanks, but I'd prefer it next time if you'd answer a PM in another PM... I prefer talking in PMs over talking in VMs in general, because I know some people stalk my VM conversations and I'd rather have privacy.

    Do you like MLP?

    Anyways, I have a few more that I forgot in my last PM, could I show you them? ]
    [ It's fine, I understand, I don't want to push you. I just wanted to tell you how Skype video chats can turn a small internet friendship into the most amazing friendship ever.

    I'll write a PM, you'll get it in a few minutes. ]
    [ Well, I have quite some drawings you haven't seen yet, are you interested? If yes, I'll PM you, it's probably a bit too much for a VM.

    Well, I understand, sorry. I use Skype for Serebii and DeviantArt friends, but only ones I trust enough, I have plenty of Serebii friends who I'd NEVER share my Skype with. But I like Skype video chats, because it makes internet friends feel more like real-life friends. Thanks to Skype, one of my Serebii friends became my BFF. She's the only friend I'd say I love, I'd say I like my other internet friends (I have no real-life friends). She and I are really close friends, thanks to Skype. But I can understand why you prefer to keep it for people you fully trust and know. ]
    [ That's so sad to hear... Is that why she's an ex-friend now? :(

    Do you have Skype? You're not very active on Serebii, so... ]
    Busy busy busy, haha. I barely have any time to play Pokémon Y these days.
    Why hello there! It's been months since i last spoke to you. How's things?
    [ Remember the brackets. xD

    How would you like to add me on the 3DS, for X and Y?

    My friend code is 0602-7392-5137 and I have Y. ]
    [ It's really not that bad... What Pokemon will you draw next?

    I drew Furret yesterday evening, maybe that's a nice challenge for you? ]
    [ Well, now you can see why I fear Besiktas follows the same fate. If players do really, really well, of course they want to go to a bigger competition. And if they really want to go, it's hard to stop them... ]
    [ Yeah... Do you think the team of former Ajax players I made some VMs ago would be good enough to win the Champions League? If Ajax would be able to keep players like Suarez and Sneijder some years longer, they would win the Champions League for sure... ]
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