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  • Yeah. I suppose it's to get some people to smile. Isn't it nice to have a little comic relief and curious thinking once in a while? I think so. And I was also desperate to make my signature more interesting... :p
    I tend to play it a lot while I am doing other things like watching movies or playing Call of Duty. But the ones I do on B/W tend to go by a lot quicker than the ones on any other game.

    You should! Monotypes are a lot of fun imo.
    Okay honestly I don't know where I'm going with this I'm just doing this because.

    i heird u liek plantz vs zombies
    9. Well I'm one of the youngest on here...
    I'm on a chair.
    Hey Bekidding.
    ........... Are BK and I invisible to you guys
    Ahh. I see I see. Well, I'd help you out if I could, but like I said, no power items. And I suck in the Battle Frontier (but that might be because I didn't know what EV training was back in Gen 4).
    Oh. Sorry, I'd help you out, but like I said. I'm not really as blessed in my 4th Gen games as I am on my 5th gen. What are you looking for by the way?
    Hey, thanks!

    Anyways, it would be 5th Gen. I can breed about anything in 5th Gen, while in 4th Gen I'm a bit limited (plus I don't have power items. @__@)
    Lol. Did you get the idea that Sigilyph looked like Majora from my sig or did you figure it out for yourself? Mine's named Majora too :p
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