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  • I've used Dodrio but I forget on which game, he was a beast though.

    I've always wanted to use Rhydon in FireRed, it's just his Speed could be a problem though.

    I proberly won't use a Fire Type this run as I don't want to use Arcanine or Rapidash as you catch them far to late in the game. I've used Arcanine too many times. Flareon is a possibilty though.
    I've used Electrode and Hitmonlee on numerous occasions, I liked them both. I've been thinking about Magneton but I also wanna use Electabuzz.

    I was thinking of using Dodrio and Rhydon.
    Oh, and another thing: Why does Pignite still know Ember? o,o
    Isn't it best to switch it with Flame Charge at level 16? :/
    It's difficult to plan teams fos Platinum .__.
    I also use Nicnames n__n
    What Frillish will you use? Mr. Pringles? XD
    I like your Black/White~Happenings-thing :)
    If you want some Water-type for the team. I suggest a Frillish.
    I also see that you're in to nicnaming :3
    Cool, bro n_n
    XD lol yeah it could be nice to balance the appearrances.

    Its not really bad though, the reserves given the time they are in the anime are kinda balanced, the main problems is the starters Oshawott has a lot more time then the others.
    Yeah, I just froze for a minute. I actually had to look at Gengar's learnset and then I went, "Ahhh!" Stupid me. :D Anyhoo, I'm planning to really write something here, although I don't think I'll have time for it. Nor have I any idea what it would be. :p
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