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  • it was great to meet you too! please enjoy the vulpix and hope to see you around here soon as well! ttyl :D
    (i'm going to respond to your last pm on here so we're not talking back and forth on pm and vm XD)
    oh yes ponyta/rapidash are my favorites! i saw it on the show when i was a kid and it's been my favorite ever since! i also like leafeon, lucario, jolteon, buizel, pikachu, liepard, pidgeot and articuno etc. those are my top faves! i see your favorite is espeon, espeon is my favorite psychic type! lol how weird!
    background music! lol okay got it! yeah the pokemon greeting mom is very cute!
    lol, when i was playing that game he called me one time and i got super excited! i felt like a dork but who cares? lol :p um what's bgm?
    i know right? me and my sister talk about that all the time too. i agree, i hope they bring that back for the next one! it'd be cool to see the 5th gen pokemon and what they would look like following you!
    lol, i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks he is very very good looking! lol XD
    oh same here! i thought it was awesome how they made the pokemon follow you on soulsilver and heartgold! definitely by far one of my favorite features that they have ever put on a pokemon game. now that we are talking about him i'm going to put him as my avatar! lol
    it always takes a bit to get used to something new, don't worry about it!
    !! am i the only person you know who likes him? lol, that is really shocking to me! he is awesome, i love flying types!
    oh i see that you like falkner (hayato) too! he is my favorite gym leader as well! lol, i can tell we are going to get along just fine! :)
    hi! lol, i just posted on my own profile! XD no problem! i still feel like a noob on here as well! lol
    Oh lol, its ok! I just went out too!
    Thanks so much! Oh :D Thank you! If you need any Japanese pokemon, you can tell me too!
    oh sorry i just went out! lol i hope you enjoy the vulpix! i added the fire stone in case you wanted to evolve her. if you need any other dream world pokemon, i'd be more than happy to help!
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