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Last Activity:
Jul 9, 2015
Jan 24, 2013
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Dulverton, UK
Software Engineer

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T.E.G Member., from Dulverton, UK

hiyy11 was last seen:
Jul 9, 2015
    1. Pokemon_Champ
      Man you picked up a Pc chimchar? I'm interested bro. Also interested in the pcjp poliwag and saikyou salamence. You can clone my PCNYd Milotic and Korean Dw Chimchar
    2. FairyWitch
      thanks yeah ^_^ its up to you though you can join your like were all welcome new members and on top of it were all nice there ^_^
    3. FairyWitch
      no problem ^_^ and you should check out my art shop too sometime...flower paradise graphics...im too well known here >.>
    4. FairyWitch
      yep ^_^ i was bout to ask for dw dratini at someones shop and i forgot a had one >.> mostly i look for dw females so i will normally jump on those things...useful ones ill go for 1 for a rng trade and two if there useless dw's...if you know what i mean XD i swore i had a dw shelder what in the world happen to it >.< i know i never traded it and it was female too...
    5. FairyWitch
      well thats cool ^_^ yeah hope you join make sure to be active if you do...woodsbury already joined XD ill do my best to rng as soon as i can...my shop is closed now until i finished all the requests...ill start on it after i finish my art shop requests and need to finish rnging my keldeo event for my white 2...im such a busy person lol XD you can vm me now...
    6. Icarus©
      Hey hiyy gotta go somewhere >.> I'll pm you once i get there (30 min)
    7. SilentReaper
    8. SilentReaper
      one of each :p
    9. Pokemon1998Ash
      Same with me. :D

      Im going to Choose Chespin as My Starter. I love its Design and its Evolution has so much Potential. :D
    10. !jirachi!
      sorry gotta go study for exam dutch >.<
    11. Pokemon1998Ash
      Wow you can get some serious money for those. ;)

      I cannot wait until those games come out. :D
    12. Pokemon1998Ash
      Im still trying to get Platinum on Amazon and Black at the Stores.
      Also LeafGreen but I might have to buy that Used. :(
    13. Pokemon1998Ash
      No Problem Luke :)

      The Pokemon Games I Got are Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald,Diamond,Pearl,FireRed,HeartGold,SoulSilver,White,White 2,Black 2,and Colosseum.

      I used to have Red,Blue,Yellow,Gold,Silver,Crystal,and Pinball. :)
    14. Pokemon1998Ash
      Im the same way.
      The name is Devin. :)

      You still watch the Anime? :)
    15. Pokemon1998Ash
      Im doing Great Bro
      Thanks for Asking.
      Im Curious are you on this Forum only for Trading Purposes? :)
    16. Pokemon1998Ash
      Hey Bro
      How Are You? :)
    17. Croze
      Hey Hiyy would you mind cloning a few things for me?
    18. SilentReaper
      Hiyy do you think you can clone something for me? :) would wait for my original cloner but this kid at my shop is pissing me off badly.
    19. Darkrai_Shadowforce
      I will wait for you to get a 3DS then we can play co-op! :p.

      still busy here, I can just lurk at the forums atm.

      I've been modeling a car for a few weeks now. unfortunately dont have much time to play. D:
    20. Pokemon_Champ
      Thank for the clones :D
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  • About

    Dulverton, UK
    Software Engineer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I am just a normal guy living a normal life. I have a wonderful Fiancee whom I love dearly, and wouldn't change for the world. I love listening to music, especially Rock/Metal/Gothic Metal and Andean Panpipes. Yes, Andean Panpipes.
    I am a software engineer during the day, pokemon nerd by night.

    Music, Reading, Pokemon, Kendo, XBOX360 xD



    Black 2 FC: 4728 7067 7735​

    I have my own trade shop. Please visit! :)

    All my shop artwork was made by chrishastie. Awesome. Immortalized through signature!