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Last Activity:
Jul 9, 2015
Jan 24, 2013
Likes Received:
Dulverton, UK
Software Engineer

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T.E.G Member., from Dulverton, UK

hiyy11 was last seen:
Jul 9, 2015
    1. Victory★Star★
      Hey Bro what happened u gone....
    2. Icarus©
      Sup :'D

      Missing you lol. >.> Hope that doesn't sound too weird.

      Anyway, come back to Serebii soon! And Join the PASBL!
    3. !jirachi!
      I'm sure you wont leave without telling me ;)
      so I think you have internet problems.
      hope you get them solved and come back soon! :)
    4. !jirachi!
      oh... I really hope you went on holiday's or something!
      hope you don't left serebii... plz hiyy don't leave.
    5. Victory★Star★
      dudddddeeee u haveeeeennnnttttt beeeeeeennnn ooooonnnnnnlinnnnnenene :(((((
    6. Nickdaflick
      Hey gou good man?

      been a while since I saw you online.

      Just checking up on you :)
    7. David Flagg
      David Flagg
      Seems like your orders are backing up haha. Well, I do have things I'd like you to copy but just take your time.
    8. Victory★Star★
      i need a clone of my deino
    9. blonde_1
      Hey I have one of your requests ready! (Sorry it's taking so long, I had a really busy couple weeks...)

      Tifa is shiny, female, naive, regenerator, with IVs: 30/31/30/31/31/31 (HP ice 70)

      Let me know when you can get her :)
    10. !jirachi!
      hi hiyy you havent been on for a while...
      how are you?
      I need you to clone 2 of my events :P
      I will get a korean retical modest piplup for them that you can have a clone of :)
    11. SilentReaper
      Hello hiyy how are you doing?<.>
    12. macabreCyndaquil
      Also, before I forget this time, I've been meaning to ask you a few questions about cloning, if you're willing to answer. ^_^
    13. FairyWitch
      hey hiyy11 i need a few more clones of my frillish's please...i want to have a copy for myself and want to add some pokes to the teg shop...
    14. SilentReaper
      Hiyy are you alive? XD
    15. macabreCyndaquil
      Agh sorry for responding so late, I accidentally sent the reply to my own profile and didn't realize it >_< (still relatively new here)
      Could I request the Jolly Singing Pikachu instead of the ANA one then?
    16. macabreCyndaquil
      She must be a lucky person to have you, and vice versa ^_^
    17. macabreCyndaquil
      Oh, and before I forget- I'm still looking for Pikachu events, and I need the ANA Flying one. Do you collect different natures of the same event? Because I have a Hasty WIN2013 Keldeo I can trade.
    18. macabreCyndaquil
      Nah, using the same 3ds. It should be 1765-1732-8853, I just checked to be sure
    19. macabreCyndaquil
      Yeah, sorry, had a power blip. Ido have your FC, I know we've traded before, but you're not showing up either :/
    20. macabreCyndaquil
      Yeah, quiet days are rare here, seeing as I have three brothers >_<
      I'm in the room
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  • About

    Dulverton, UK
    Software Engineer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I am just a normal guy living a normal life. I have a wonderful Fiancee whom I love dearly, and wouldn't change for the world. I love listening to music, especially Rock/Metal/Gothic Metal and Andean Panpipes. Yes, Andean Panpipes.
    I am a software engineer during the day, pokemon nerd by night.

    Music, Reading, Pokemon, Kendo, XBOX360 xD



    Black 2 FC: 4728 7067 7735​

    I have my own trade shop. Please visit! :)

    All my shop artwork was made by chrishastie. Awesome. Immortalized through signature!